1st Quarter Council Report

This year Council hit the ground running, allocating money to clubs, passing a motion that funds a Driver’s Ed scholarship, and buying two new Weber grills from a small business in town to replace the old, broken grill. Recently, we welcomed Lisa Christie to the Council as our school board representative. And finally as you all know, the biggest thing we have done this year is continue to work on changing the mascot. Kavi Patel and Josh Stearns have led the Mascot Committee by organizing the mascot drawing competition and voting which happened this past Friday. Hurray! Also, Council has a new meeting spot (the auditorium) and website (thanks Saia)! The updated website can be found at: https://council.hanovernorwichschools.org/, you can find information on what council is currently up to and even how to bring a motion (which, reminder, anyone can do!). We encourage anyone and everyone to stop by and check out what we’re up to – you don’t even have to stay for the whole meeting. This year we are celebrating Council’s 50th birthday, so stay tuned for lots of big motions and new initiatives!

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