Pandemic Takes Toll on Upper Valley Businesses

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected many small businesses within the Upper Valley. Even though the lockdown that began last spring has been lifted and people have been able to eat at restaurants, go shopping, and see friends, months later we are still seeing the impact on our community and the local businesses most Hanover High students grew up with. 


During the lockdown, many businesses in Hanover such as Salt Hill Pub, Morano Gelato, Noodle Station, and Skinny Pancake, to name a few, were forced to shut down due majoritively to the inability to renew leases. Now, other businesses that are trying to reopen and remain in-business as colder weather approaches (limiting options for outdoor dining), are struggling with having enough indoor space for social distancing precautions, and making sure they are promoting a healthy and safe work environment for their employees. As of right now, the Noodle Station, My Brigadeiro, and Blue Sparrow are looking to reopen in their existing spaces or new locations in the Upper Valley. While of course they may have to roll back their reopening dates due to infection rates increasing in the Upper Valley, they are hoping to be open for business as soon as they can. 


There is also some positive news on the local dining front: Jewel of India has moved to its new location in the space recently vacated by Noodle Station. In addition, Tuk Tuk Thai Cuisine, a Thai food restaurant in Hanover, is reportedly opening a second location at the old Dunkin’ Donuts on Main Street in West Lebanon to handle the increased local demand for take-out. With fewer Dartmouth students on campus and people less willing to dine at restaurants indoors during the coming winter, take-out and delivery options are key for small restaurants to be able to stay afloat.


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