What Will HHS Sports Look Like This Year?

In early March, winter sports were officially cancelled with only some of the programs having finished their season. By mid May, spring sports had also been canceled.

   The thought of sports was no longer even on anyone’s radar as everyone prepared for online learning and protecting themselves and others from the COVID-19 virus. However, as students head back into full time school next week the question must be asked: What will school sports look like this year?

    It is estimated that over 55 percent of students will participate in some type of sport each year. There is no question that sports is an essential part of high school for many students, but will there be a chance to play again?

     Many college level programs have already shut down and cancelled seasons months before they were planned to start. However, the risk factor is much lower in a local high school league, especially one in New Hampshire, where–though there have been a total of 7254 cases total–currently only an estimated 7 cases remain.

   While schools are resuming in person learning and having students come in full time, fall sports should also start up with added precautions such as wearing masks and social distancing at times. Presuming there is no major outbreak or new developments, Upper Valley athletics should be able to resume.

     Our athletic director Megan Sobel has expressed her hope for HHS sports to continue and plans to proceed as usual as long as there is no sudden outbreak or cause for concern. All we can do right now is hope everyone stays safe and protected.


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