Dresden School Board Meeting, 06/23/20

The Dresden School Board met on June 23rd and approved Mr. James Logan as Interim Hanover High School Principal for the 2020-21 school year. The principal hiring committee included two student representatives, Sage McGinley-Smith and Alex Rockmore. It was noted at the Board meeting that COVID-19 limited the hiring committee’s ability to interview candidates in person and visit their schools. Therefore, the committee voted to support an interim principal position at this time, and this was approved by the Board. Mr. James Logan will start as Interim Hanover High School Principal on July 1, 2020. The Board also approved the hiring of a Social Studies teacher and a Family Consumer Science teacher for the 20/21 school year. 


The Board discussed COVID-19  preparations for returning to school next fall in both the Principal’s report and the Superintendent’s report. Mr. Campbell emphasized the importance of the staff preparation work that was done. Over a two week period, the staff divided into committees that each focused on a certain topic. These committees included Supporting Ourselves; Safety, Hygiene, and Facilities; Technology; Academic Support; Pedagogy; Social Emotional Supports; Assessments; Communication; Co Curricular; Data Team; and Equity. Mr. Campbell noted that more planning will be needed later in the summer once the school district hears from the state of NH regarding school reopening guidelines. 


After his report, the Board gave a farewell to Principal Campbell noting the exceptional work he has done since he became principal in 2012. Lastly, the Board approved several policies including the Suicide Prevention and Response policy. This policy was first read at the March 26th meeting and the Board adopted it. Then, at the June 23rd meeting, the Board decided to not readdress their support to accept the policy. The policy states that “The School Board is committed to protecting the health, safety and welfare of its students and school community. This

policy supports federal, state and local efforts to provide education on youth suicide awareness and prevention; to establish methods of prevention, intervention, and response to suicide or suicide attempt (“postvention”); and to promote access to suicide awareness, prevention and postvention resources.” 


The next Dresden School Board Meeting will be held on August 18th. 


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