Removal and Restoration of Council Members

On December 18, 2019, Council opened normally. The minutes were passed, and reports revealed nothing notable–although DSB Representative Noah Phipps did reveal that the Board is considering plans to fix the drainage at the HHS baseball team’s home field. 


After reports, Staff Representative and School Counselor, Devin Voake, proposed a motion to enter into an Executive Session to discuss the conduct of a Council member. The formation of the Executive Session arose as a result of Community Representative Herman resigning from her position. Council Administrator Linda Addante seemed to suggest that she resigned due to the formation of an HHS Council Meme page on Instagram–with the username @hhs_council_memes–which is unaffiliated with the Body, but known to be run by a member of Council. The page remains active on Instagram. The Body was noticeably upset and rattled, with red faces and trembling knees across members. In giving reason for the Executive Session, Linda Addante called attention to the section of the Council bylaws that provides for the removal of a member from office as a result of:

  1. Conduct unbecoming a Council member. Conduct unbecoming a Council member is defined as:
  2. Public behavior that is not in keeping with the standards of responsibility and leadership expected of Council members.
  3. Any action that violates the Hanover High School Code of Conduct.

– Actions that humiliate, degrade, or physically harm others

– Uncivil behavior directed towards self and/or others


However, she then went on to explain that the session would focus on restorative action by Council to Ms. Herman. As she spoke, she mentioned that all non-Council members (excluding the Principle and the Dean of Students) would be forced to leave the room. She also stated that she ought not to have mentioned Ms. Herman’s name, and that the film being taken would have to be expunged. There was virtually no debate on the motion to enter into the session, with Staff Representative Caldwell merely proclaiming, “there is nothing more we need to say about this”.  Debate was then closed, and members of the press were forced to leave the room.


As more information becomes available, Broadside will continue to report on this story.


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