2018 Council Election Results

The polls have closed and the results are in; the students and staff of Hanover High School have chosen who will represent them in Council for the 2018-2019 school year. Additionally, 8th grade students at the Richmond Middle School (who will be joining the HHS student body next year as the class of 2022) voted on their future representatives on May 7th. Results from both elections are displayed below.

Due to the allotment of at-large seats, there are currently two classes with a vacant alternate representative seat: the class of 2019 and the class of 2021. Since only four staff members ran in the elections and two won at-large seats, the staff also have three vacant regular seats and a vacant alternate seat. Vacant seats are denoted in the results below as TBD (to be decided). As these vacancies suggest, every candidate that ran from the staff and the classes of 2019 and 2021 won a seat in next year’s Council.

Members At-Large:

  • Hal Bourne (Staff)
  • Lynn Ceplikas (Staff)
  • Romaney Granizo-Mackenzie (2019)
  • Bobby Putnam (2019)
  • Colm Seigne (2019)
  • Iroha Shirai (2019)
  • Leila Trummel (2019)
  • Alice Garner (2020)
  • Tom Lyons (2021)
  • Sage McGinley-Smith (2021)
  • Noah Phipps (2021)
  • Ellie Stannard (2021)


  • Amy Good
  • Isabella Price
  • TBD
  • TBD
  • TBD (Alternate)

Class of 2019:

  • Sheila McCarthy
  • Oliver Minshall
  • Elizabeth Napier
  • Dory Psomas
  • Mark Ralston-Daniel
  • TBD (Alternate)

Class of 2020:

  • Daniel Bandler
  • Andrew Chen
  • Ian Nolon
  • Tessa Stewart
  • Stephen Wang
  • Trevor Siegel (Alternate)

Class of 2021:

  • Jonathan Li
  • Caroline Loescher
  • Casey McGuire
  • Momoka Schmidt
  • Reilly Uiterwyk
  • TBD (Alternate)

Class of 2022:

  • Alex Rockmore
  • Kate McCaull
  • James Kirkpatrick
  • Pierce Seigne
  • Miki Hertog-Raz (alternate)


Editor’s note: Thank you to Aisling Kelly and Oliver Minshall for sharing the election results. 

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