Update from Council

Homework Motion: There have been several things happening on Council that affect student life. Before the Thanksgiving break, Council passed a motion that would limit the amount of homework assigned over weekends and long weekends.  The motion states: I move that weekend homework, including long weekends, be limited to the equivalent of one typical weeknight’s worth of homework. The purpose behind this was motion was to prevent an overload of homework over weekends, and therefore, give students time to make up work they’ve missed and give seniors time to schedule college visits. Principal Campbell published this Administrative Response on 11/28: “Motion Approved. I believe that weekends should provide students time to relax, to engage in non-academic interests/pursuits and to spend time with family and friends.  Further, I applaud Council for crafting the motion so as to respect teacher’s professional judgment in determining what constitutes one night’s homework.” As a result of this approval, this motion will go into effect immediately.

Plan M for Wednesdays:The other big thing that Council has been discussing is the school schedule. Mr. Glenney, the Head of the Foreign Language Department, proposed a new schedule called Plan M, which would shorten the current Wednesday classes by five minutes, and allow for a 45-minute break period where Council and clubs could meet. This proposal was prompted by an initiative designed to keep Council members from missing material taught in class. The Council voted to recommend to the administration that a committee be formed, including students, staff, administrators, and community members, to review a variety of possible scheduling options.

As always, we encourage you all out come to a meeting and get involved in our democratic process.

Thank you so much,

Henry Butler, Public Relations Officer 2012-2013

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