Never Again: Reflections On The State of Guns in America

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Name a more iconic duo than American ignorance and the liberty we associate with our firearms. I’ll wait.

And in a situation like Gun Control, it seems I’ll be waiting a long time.

Because as people search for complex solutions, they fail to see a valid point. It is the irony of solutions such as arming teachers, ideas that never fail to surprise me. As much as I respect my mentors of education; I can hardly trust them in throwing a whiteboard marker at the correct youth who interrupted them. Much less their personal choice on which loud-mouth to gun down. And there is no logic in overlooking the emotional weight this would put on our educators. I am sure the hardships of an insufficient pay and the use of limited materials already stretch them thin.

And why would the increase in security ensure better protection over the lack of access to something that upsets that safety? We associate our firearms with freedom, and yet we remove that freedom from those who show up to school as a suspect, instead of a student.

Washington indeed has blood on their hands, and yet they hide the stains with the bills of money. And even thousands of dollars from the NRA can’t hold a candle to the life of a human being. When business trumps existence, then somewhere along the line we have failed.

There is no issue in owning a gun. There is no issue in supporting gun rights. But there is an issue when a person has a regard that the right to carry a firearm more valuable than a life.

Call it liberty, or call it a right. In reality it is terror. No one should not live in a truth of any person being able to mow down others with an AK-47.

This is not freedom. This is fear.

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