Council Expands Administration’s Authority Over Open Campus and Begins X-Period Talks – Council Update (3/7/18)

As with every meeting, this past week’s Council meeting began with some updates. Assistant Moderator Jasper Meyer began by updating Council that the Course Evaluation Standardization Motion had been signed and that the Dress Code Motion was on the way. To which Principal Campbell, who was in attendance, nodded that AMOD Meyer was correct.

First on the agenda for the meeting was the continuation of the discussion about the Open Campus Handbook Revision which was introduced last week. Public Relations Officer Henry Kahl proposed an amendment to the revision to change the immediate disciplinary action back to a schedule up, despite the fact that the original revision brought by JCOM changed the immediate disciplinary action to a revocation of off campus privileges. This amendment met quick opposition as Freshman Representative Ellie Stannard said that the amendment went against the intent of the motion. Present JCOM Representative Molly Cook quickly backed up Rep. Stannard by saying that the amendment did go against what JCOM had intended. This doomed the amendment, as it then failed.

AMOD Meyer then brought up that he thought it was important Council discussed the period of time between when an offense occurs and when it is punished. However, the conversation quickly shifted back to what type of punishment was appropriate. Freshman Representative Sage McGinley-Smith pointed out that in the motion it said that the Dean of Students can administer additional disciplinary action if necessary, so punishments will still depend on the infraction. Ms. Stevenson then said she supported what JCOM was trying to do, and that when she had punished kids by revoking their off campus privileges they had managed to make it work by sending an email to the whole staff with the names of the kids who weren’t allowed to leave campus. Thus, with Ms. Stevenson’s approval, Council quickly passed the revision with only three opposing votes.

Next on the agenda was the Intent Statement Amendment. The amendment was brought by Co-Treasurer Colm Seigne and edited the Intent Statement Motion to read that only main motions need intent statements. Without any discussion, the amendment passed.

Last on the agenda for the meeting was the X-Period Standardization Motion. Brought by Junior Representative Elizabeth Napier, the motion would require teachers to give X-Periods at least once a week during full weeks, and that students with a 60% or higher in the class, and who were all caught up on work must be allowed to leave for at least half of the class. The motion also stated that no additional work may be assigned on the day of an X-Period. Rep. Napier explained that she felt many students don’t have the chance to meet with teachers outside of class so this would allow students to meet with teachers in math and science classes, which often don’t give x’s.

Sophomore Representative Clay Kynor spoke up for the motion saying that he thought X-Periods are very valuable but that teachers often give quizzes or labs on X-periods, which made them class periods that were really just called X-periods. Teacher Representative Ms. Ceplikas voiced her support for the motion and said that it was good because it would give students free time but also make them manage the responsibility of spending that time wisely.

On the other hand, Junior Representative Oliver Minshall didn’t think that Council should put constraints on teachers. Junior Representative Dory Psomas then brought up the point that in an english class, students expect an x, while in science and math students don’t expect x-periods, something that is unfair to the English Department.

A quick amendment to the motion which made x-periods allowed to be given on short weeks then passed, after which the meeting adjourned.

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