New and Improved Cell Phone Motion Passes Unanimously- Council Update (2/7/18)

This past week’s meeting was headlined by the reintroduction of the previously vetoed Cell Phone Motion; however, the meeting began with a quick update from OEC. OEC as a committee said they would be sending a proposed addition to the handbook about vaping to Mrs. Stevenson, so she can look at it before they bring it to Council.

After this quick update Council moved on to a money allocation to UNICEF club. After a few questions Council quickly agreed to allocate the $120 that UNICEF club asked for: money which will be used for a sugar cookie decorating contest. However, after the money was allocated, Teacher Representative Mr. Prince brought up that there is a fine line for Council between funding fundraisers and donating to charities and that Council must discuss their role in supporting fundraisers.

One more money allocation was to come on the agenda, and Council wasted no time allocating $120 to Ms. Murray for items for Winter Carnival.

Staff Representative Ms. Good then brought a bylaw notification that she wants to add to the bylaws that each motion must come with a statement of intent. Ms. Good said that writing a statement of intent clarifies why a motion is being brought to Council and it would keep amendments to the motion on track with what the motion’s original intent was.

Next came the main event on the agenda, the Cell Phone Motion. The newly made motion came with the recommendation of Administrative (Admin) Committee who had reworked the motion since Principal Campbell vetoed it. The main changes that were made to the motion was that Admin added that Staff has the authority to take away any electronic devices during assessments. Moderator Aisling Kelly said that this was added to appease Principal Campbell, who didn’t think staff had enough authority as a result of the motion.

The discussion ensued with multiple Council members chiming in. Public Relations Officer Henry Kahl warned that Principal Campbell also vetoed the motion because it didn’t address how teachers could deal with repeat offenders. Assistant Moderator Jasper Meyer then addressed this issue and moved to amend the motion to add a clause to give teachers power to take away phones preemptively from repeat offenders. After some brief discussion between the members of Council, amendment passed.

Co-Treasurer Colm Seigne then asked the teachers on Council what they thought of the motion in an attempt to make sure the motion was too biased towards students. Teacher Representative Mrs. Ceplikas responded that she thought there was a good balance between what students and teachers wanted, which one could tell made Council members feel comfortable that the motion was ready to pass. Just a few minutes later voting began and Council members voted unanimously to pass the new and improved Cell Phone Motion, an action that seemed to lighten the mood in the room instantly. Council then adjourned, with a motion that has long lingered likely behind them.

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