The Price of a Great Opportunity

March Intensive at Hanover High School is a time when we take a break from our regular academic courses, and teachers and students take mini courses that provide learning for learning’s sake. It gives everyone a chance to meet people who they may not have met otherwise, and allows students to immerse themselves in something that interests them, outside of the regular classes that are offered. You can even start your own course or come up with one to do independently.

Two seniors at Hanover, Jana and Josey, said that they really liked the fact “that you get to travel, and that it’s a break from the regular school curriculum. Also you get to do something that you might be interested in, and you get to meet new people that you might not usually hang out with.” Multiple people that we talked to feel that March Intensive is an great opportunity to experience new things. Some examples of popular courses are hiking through the White Mountains or building houses in Nicaragua. Then there are other options that stay in Hanover for example, learning how to make cakes, talking with senior citizens, or learning everyday chores that you might not know how to do.

Lots of people feel like the prices of some courses are too high causing students to become less interested in those courses because they don’t feel that they can afford to go. The school provides a scholarship opportunity, but some think that it’s not advertised enough. According to Ms. Keene (March Intensive coordinator) we need more money in the scholarship fund, possibly from donations and fundraisers. Hanover students and teachers agree with Josey’s statement that “you shouldn’t let the cost of the programs have anything to do with your decision.”  Everyone should have a chance to do whichever trip or activity they want, cost shouldn’t affect that. A large factor in choosing March Intensives is the cost, and the majority of people we have talked to have said that the cost of some programs really limit their choices.

You’ve read the article, now watch the video! Featuring interviews with students, Mr. Campbell, Ford Daly, and Ms. Keene

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