Fall Council Update

Despite PSATs and Veterans Day being a hindrance to Wednesday meetings, Council has been busier than ever before. In a nail-biting vote, the body passed a motion for 9th graders to have open campus for 4th quarter as a trial period this year. Eligibility for each student to have off-campus privileges follows the same grounds as 10th, 11th, and 12th graders. The motion is awaiting administrative action. If it passes, the motion will be looked at by the Dresden School Board. If Mr. Campbell vetoes it, Council could potentially override his veto with a ⅔ majority vote in favor of the motion. After that, the motion would proceed to the school board.

Council deferred some discussions to committees for further research and development. The Late Start motion resides with the Administrative Committee, chaired by Meredith Ferneau. Check out the Council Bulletin Board to see an article about the scientific benefits of later start times for teenagers.

Marion Umpleby’s letter to the Nick Beard Opinion Board sparked debate on Underclassmen Awards. She believes that the ceremony praises a variety of dedicated students, but many more are worthy of recognition. In fact, one student deemed it, “feel bad about yourself day” during discussion. Jennifer Quevedo, physical education teacher, introduced a clever idea. She suggested that any teacher presenting an award should state the student’s name beforehand, because “all positives are lost when a person isn’t named first.” That way, students may concentrate on the recipient’s merit instead of guessing his or her identity. The discussion continues with the Student Life committee, chaired by Daniel Osofsky.

The revised Athletics Over Break motion is coming back to Council on Wednesday, November 18th. It reads, “I move that the school adopt a policy to limit athletic practices and games (optional and non-optional) during school vacations. School sports will allow for two consecutive days of no scheduled practices or games during Thanksgiving and February break, and three consecutive days during Holiday and April break.” Mr. Jackson, HHS Athletic Director, helped the committee draft the new wording. It’s bound to create a rousing debate!


Please email Henry Lang, Public Relations Officer, with any questions or concerns at henrylang@hanovernorwichschools.org .


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