Don’t Dance like a Pervert

Grinding has taken over our dances. In case you’re not familiar with this current style of dancing at Hanover High school, it’s a practice where a male comes behind a female and presses his crotch into her buttocks repeatedly, while she limply bends over. Sounds disgusting, right? Unfortunately, many female students at Hanover High have been subjected to this vile form of dancing. Older males are pressuring girls as young as freshmen to partake in their hump-fest. As one teacher observed at the last dance, the only thing separating the two from having intercourse is a thin layer of clothing.

Let’s be clear here: grinding is a guy’s dance. Some males at these dances are treating girls like a worthless doll; limply tolerating the rubbing of his clothed privates on her backside. What’s worse is that while a guy is doing this, he doesn’t even look in the girl’s face. This makes it a great deal easier for the guy. He doesn’t have to see her eyes or feel the shame of mistreating another human being. One has to wonder what the girl gets out of this seemingly one-sided dance.

When I think about the future of Hanover High School, I think about the experience I want for my two little six-year-old sisters. To think for a second that they would be at a school where guys treating girls like sex toys is the norm makes me shudder. So, I ask all of you who have the decency and foresight to think about Hanover’s future; what kind of school atmosphere would you want your younger siblings to be in?

At Hanover High, it’s our job to live up to the expectations of the mission statement. Grinding, the practice of demeaning women for a man’s pleasure, has got to go. In comparison to Hanover’s current dance culture, Lebanon’s dances only occasionally have grinding. We cannot let this vulgar dance continue! Stand up for your rights, have fun, and lastly, don’t dance like a pervert!

2 Responses

  1. Dan says:

    Wow…… I feel bad for all the kids growing up in this politically correct world

  2. Tony says:

    My son needs to read this article-there are some really good points made in here

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