Condoms! Coming to a Nurse’s Office Near You*! Sort of

After being first drafted in early 2015 by Student Council, the Administration has finally approved the Condom Motion… with a few changes.

The idea went from putting condom dispensers in the bathrooms to having them be available in the nurse’s office for students to take, and eventually evolved into having the nurse require students to have a conversation regarding proper use of a condom as well as requiring a parent’s approval to receive a condom from the school. This incarnation of the motion was the one that has been adopted.

In an official statement to the Broadside via email regarding the changes that the motion has gone through, Mr. Campbell says: “I think the motion evolved over time to take into account the viewpoints of a wide cross section of community.  This is typical, a motion begins as the idea of a person or small group of people.  The democratic process involves others and things change.  I’m pleased with where we ended up.”

When asked about the impact he sees this motion will have on HHS students and their parents, he replied:   “I hope the impact will be to make another step towards keeping our students informed and safe.  Additionally, the process and thought that went into this effort has, I think, changed us for the better.”

And with that the saga of the free* condoms at Hanover comes to an end. Both Council and the Broadside can take a rest from controversy… at least until the Freshmen Open Campus Motion appears again.


Here is the original presentation given by its authors if you want to get an idea of how they initially conceived it

Here are four Broadside articles which dealt with the motion (two of which were written by me before I was editor)

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