Brief Council Update

By Jennie Frishtick and Carl Tischbein

New Sound System: We have a new sound system in the caf, and now it’s a lot easier to hear what’s happening! Come to our meetings, Friday during fourth period, and check it out!
Bullying Motion Passes: Now, instead of receiving a warning and a call home after a bullying offense, a student will receive a minimum punishment of a one day suspension.
60% Motion Fails: Some classes count the “test category” for as much as 80% of the overall grade. Therefore, work done in other areas of the class–such as homework and class participation–does not have a big effect on a student’s grade. The purpose of this motion was to create a balance in different areas of a course by having the test category count for no more than 60% of the overall grade. 
15% Motion in Progress: This motion pertains to the effect that a single test can have on a student’s overall grade. Instead of making a maximum percent for the “test category,” this motion makes a maximum percent that one test can count for.

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