Print Issue In Two Weeks!

Hello Everyone,
With the Winter Holidays drawing near, The Broadside has decided to give their readers a little gift: Our first print issue of the year! Although the Broadside is currently online, we are hoping to reach out to the larger student demographic of the school. Our print issue will include the following:
•Holiday dessert recipes
•Article on the Model UN trip
•More budget interviews
•Article on holidays around the world

•Another editorial
•A sports article
…and much more!
The goal of the print issue is to increase out readership and raise more awareness of the online issue as well (we found out through Common Ground surveys that many students were unaware of The Broadside being online). We at The Broadside sincerely hope you enjoy the issue, and for those online readers, do not fret: The print issue will be going online as well!
Happy Reading!
Sarah Ramírez, Editor
Rachel Margolis, Copy Editor

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