Movie Review – Thor: The Dark World

images-1The powerful, sledgehammer wielding, superhero is back in action in a movie that is sure to give viewers plenty of excitement.  Thor, one of the many Marvel superheroes, embarks on a journey with the purpose to save the world from destruction by a group of dark elves.  Intense battle scenes, which take place on Earth and other planets, showcase Thor’s superpowers as he takes on his opponents.  The main battle is a hard-fought clash between Thor and his rival Malekith.  Thor, his half-brother Loki, and his friend Jane Foster, work together to save Earth, Asgard, and eight other realms from being completely obliterated.  Each of the major characters have a chance to unleash their strengths against their foes.

Movies like this are as good as they are because of the actors behind the characters.  Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Natalie Portman (Jane Foster), and Tom Hiddleston (Loki) were the three major actors who portrayed their characters best  The trio was successful in their first “Thor” movie, which prompted this sequel that has received a mostly positive response from critics and viewers. Hemsworth continues to be a convincing Thor (he couldn’t have been cast better), who is to be rooted for throughout the movie.  Portman and Hiddleston also play their roles with accuracy and feeling, and they both make great sidekicks for Thor.  “Thor: The Dark World”  definitely has a comicbook flavor to it, and is action-packed as well as occasionally funny.Thor_Hammer_icon_by_MediaTiger

Overall, Thor: The Dark World presents an entertaining storyline, a fair amount of humor (considering it is an action movie), and several explosive battle scenes that are thrilling, especially for those who prefer action.   It is, at some points, a fairly complicated movie to follow, but this should not be a major concern.  Depending on the viewer, there also may be some boring scenes (there are a few scenes of characters just chatting).

On a positive note, seeing this movie does not require prior familiarity with the original movie in the series, Thor, so it is perfectly fine not knowing much about this series. Better yet, watching the current movie in the series may entice the viewer to watch the original.  Thor: The Dark World is without a doubt targeted toward the action-loving people on this earth, but it surely will provide an enjoyable experience for even those who do not have a great taste for “rock ‘em sock ‘em” brawls.   Thor: The Dark World is worth the watch, and is a quality film that represents what “superhero vs. villain” films are all about.

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