Holiday Basket Helpers

The Holiday Basket Helpers program helps the parents of children with chronic illnesses in the Upper Valley.

Perhaps the most rewarding way to be charitable this holiday season is to participate in the common ground Holiday Basket Helpers program. The HBH is an Upper Valley program run by the Partners in Health organization that makes it  easy to make a large impact on the less fortunate members of our community. The program collects holiday gifts from people around the Upper Valley and donates them to children with chronic illnesses. The parents of these children are financially responsible for their children’s treatments, and by purchasing clothing and gifts you are lifting an additional financial burden off their shoulders.

You can help by giving money to the person in your common ground who has volunteered to buy the items for the child or by buying gifts, yourself. Once your common ground has its contributions collected, the gifts can be dropped off in the guidance office or main office, or given to Ms. Miller or Ms. Smith. Baskets are due by December 12.
The New Hampshire Partners in Health is an organization in Lebanon that caters to families around the state supporting a child (birth to age 21) with a chronic illness. The partners set up multiple programs and offer many services to help these families. They work with schools, health professionals, social services, and others in the community that help these families. More information can be found on their website:

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