The Hanover Rainbow Alliance

The Hanover Rainbow Alliance is at it again. The club is making efforts to raise awareness for respect towards the LBGT community. The Rainbow Alliance is currently planning to have some fundraisers, including a possible tie-dye event. Students will have an opportunity to purchase a white t-shirt and tie-dye it any color they want to. In case anyone needs some background, the mission of the Hanover Rainbow Alliance is to provide a safe, healthy and enriching environment for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning youth.

Ally week is coming up fast and furious; it is the week of October 21-25th. The Rainbow Alliance has also been thinking of repeating last year’s popular events. For example, they might distribute the same paper necklaces that were distributed last year  that say, “I am an ally because,” followed by a blank space in which people can complete the sentence. People would write things like, “I am an ally because everyone should be able to love whoever they want.” Overall Ally Week week is a week to show your support, whether you are out or an ally.

“I think that awareness is the most important thing, and we need the support of everyone in the school, to accept everyone in the school and in the community,” says Kaila Tomlin, an active member of the club.

Hanover Rainbow Alliance mainly works off of the website and education organization GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network.) GLSEN works to raise awareness and have events to support the community. We are taking the ideas of GLESN and applying them to our school environment. This also includes the stickers that are on some of the doors; they are the safe-space stickers, telling kids that, the room is a place where they can be themselves. We want to make every room in the school a safe place for every student at our school.

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