Libertarian club

As students at Hanover High School, we represent freedom. We are one of the few local schools to have open campus, x-periods, and such a meaningful form of student council. It seems this year, however, that our freedoms are slipping away from us.

Joining the Hanover High School Young American’s for Liberty Chapter (libertarian club), will put you into the position to fight back for what we so desire. This year we are planning on pushing for some major changes in our high school that we believe will receive overwhelming support from the student body. The most pertinent issues that we will be discussing are as follows:

1.) Abolition of the new X-period changes
2.) Council motion that ensures that no class-wide punishments occur in response to the actions of a minority of students
3.) The promotion and proliferation of freedom within Hanover High School

During our Chapter/Club meetings we don’t only discuss changes in school policy; we also talk about the ethics and ideas behind libertarian policy. For example last week we talked about the morality of the consumption of human flesh… needless to say it was a long and very interesting debate. Looking forward we plan on having open debates, community service, and a “Who can grow the best No-Shave November beard” contest.

Our chapter, though small, is nationally recognized by Young Americans for Liberty. A country-wide organization that sponsors chapters in colleges and high schools, YAL is the fastest growing organization for liberty in the country and can be found at:

If you are interested in joining, look for our Facebook group, Hanover High School Young Americans for Liberty Chapter. Anyone can join and the meeting times and places will be designated on the page a few days before we plan to meet.

The new changes to the school are survivable, but not acceptable. Join the cause to re-claim our image as Hanover High School students and fight back.
“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”- Walt Disney

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