September Council Update

The unofficial theme for this year in Council is social change, and our first month in session certainly reflected that goal. Three major motions, all to do with changes that would directly affect the student body, were brought to Council in September: the J-Comm Motion, the X-Day Motion, and the 9th Grade Motion.
The J-Comm (Judiciary Committee) motion was brought as a response to a motion passed last year that extended the possibility of serving on the committee to the entire student body, as opposed to the standard of years past in which only Council members could serve. This motion, which looked to once against limit the pool of candidates to just Council members was failed, and therefore general J-Comm elections, open to all HHS students, will be held in the coming weeks to determine the representatives for this year. (If you are interested in running for J-Comm, please keep an eye out for a Common Ground announcement providing further details, including the date and location of an upcoming informational session.)

The X-Day Motion discussed the possibility of undoing the mandatory x-day check in that is currently school-wide policy, or at least amending the mandate so that it would not include first period classes. This motion was referred to the Admin committee for further research and feedback from both the faculty and the administrators; it will return to the main body of Council with a recommendation from the committee and the full group will vote to reach a verdict on the subject.

The 9th Grade Motion was a motion that, if voted into effect, would grant freshman off-campus privileges during Fourth Quarter, starting this scholastic year. This motion, too, was referred to the committee. After some more analysis, the Student Life committee will report back and a decision will be reached in time for this motion to be placed in effect this year, if passed.

Remember that if you are so inclined, you are free and welcome to participate in or merely just attend one of our meetings. Council meets every Friday, fourth period, in the band room. Hope to see you there!

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