Tech Area

Not excited about taking traditional art classes? You can take classes down in the Tech Area with Mr. Holloway to earn your art credits. He offers many classes geared for creative technical minds, such as Engineering Design I and II, Woodworking I and II, Metalworking, Automotive, and Architectural drafting.

One of the most popular classes is Engineering Design. In it students design devices to complete engineering objectives in easier, more efficient ways. Currently, the students are designing rockets to compete against other members in the class. Simultaneously, students in Engineering Design II are building projects from go-karts, working on cars, and refurbishing motorcycles. I am currently building a gas-powered go-kart, which involves much creativity and problem solving. Taking these classes can be useful to everyone, not just those interested in engineering.

All of the classes are exciting and fun, and I would advise you to go check the place out!



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