Independent Study in Art

Photo by Erica Hinck

You may have many friends taking Dartmouth courses and Independent Study courses. The only prerequisite for taking an Independent Study in Art is the completion of Design. This semester twelve HHS students are taking independent art courses. A group of four of these students, Erica Hinck, Maddie Mulvihill, Sam Carey, and Dan Hazlett, decided to do an Independent Study in photography with photography teacher Peter Lang as their advisor. Even though they had to sign up as individuals, they all have first period free, so they can work together in the photography computer lab. They have worked separately on their own photographic images and are now creating a mural on a wall of the Photo Lab together.

Photo by Sam Carey.

Peter Lange meets with them once a week to go over and grade what’s been done. Their semester grades will be an average of these weekly grades. The students see Pete almost every day for advice on current projects or for help resolving a technical difficulty.

Ryan Farr hovers. Photo by Erica Hinck.



Erica commented, “We are always cooking up a new thing to do.” To make these independent courses work for the student, they must be “self-driven,” says Erica. One’s initiative determines how well it works and how much you get out of it.



If you are interested in pursuing an Independent Study in Art or other topics of interest to you feel, free to discuss this with your guidance counselor and check out page 58 in the Student Handbook for further information.

by Dan Hazlett

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