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Teammates congratulate Mindy Wu after scoring a goal

Playing Like Champions

“It’s hard coming off a championship season” says coach Doug Kennedy after the Hanover Girls Varsity Soccer team battles through a 4-1 loss to ConVal, an old competitor. Last year the girls varsity soccer...


Hope for the Disenfranchised?

America is a representative democracy.  That means that it is a system of government based on the indirect participation of its eligible population through their elected representatives.  In this country that eligibility begins when...

Only during Assassin season do I have to wear rain boots in the event that I get mistaken as a senior and squirted...again.

Assassin Gets All Wet

Ahh, Spring is finally here. The birds are singing, the flowers are sprouting, and Seniors are getting shot on their way to the Co-Op. Yes, Spring has arrived, and so has Assassin, oops, I...