Meet Rennie Gunderman – English Department

by Jessica Buckey
Where were you this time last year? Interning with Ms. Ceplikas here at HHS.
Why HHS? I live here, and my kids are in the Hanover school system. I’ve done
two internships in Hanover, one with Erik Goodling at the middle school and the
other with Ms. Ceplikas here at the high school, both of which I really enjoyed.
What would you most like students to know about you? I believe in teaching in
a fun, engaging manner. I want students to learn to read critically, and to like
learning. I think students will only learn well if learning is fun, so I try to make my
classes as engaging as possible.
What are your first impressions about HHS? I really like how the whole English
department has this culture of sharing teaching techniques. They are very open
and friendly. I appreciate how motivated students are – they’re really ready to
learn. I also really admire our principal, Ms. Gillespie. She does a great job of
reaching out to staff and making them feel wanted. She keeps up a really nice
relationship between herself and the staff.
What is your favorite extracurricular/activity/book/and/or quote?
I enjoy swimming and running. Loving Frank by Nancy Horan is one of my favorite novels. It’s about Frank Lloyd Wright’s life written from the perspective of his significant other, Mamah Borthwick Cheney, who encountered many obstacles in her relationship with this famous man. I love the protagonist’s quote in the novel, “I have been standing on the side of life, watching it float by.  I want to swim in the river.  I want to feel the current” in part because so much literature and daily life is about finding one’s voice.

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  1. Carol Dickey says:

    Hi Rennie,
    I noticed our sweet house is in the market! Wishing you well and thrilled for your commitment to teaching! Stay in touch! We are in Winston-Salem, NC – I am a nurse and Kevin is a MD at Wake Baptist Medical Center. We miss Hanover sooo much! Big lose for us to have ever left:-( Carol

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