Letter to the Editor

By Dmitry Steesy

To the Editor:

On behalf of the Hanover High School Spirit Club, I am very happy to inform you about some exciting changes as our group transitions into next year. First off, we are very proud to announce an entirely new leadership board consisting of Sydney Harris (President), Ella Kaplan (Vice President), Natalie Copeland (Treasurer), Kelsey Pilchman (Secretary), and Dmitry Steesy (Public Relations Officer). We are very hopeful that this energetic group will be able to promote school spirit about the awesome school that we go to. Here are some of the main ideas being discussed now:

Homecoming: The Spirit Club would be in charge of organizing the HHS Homecoming 2011. This could consist of games, activities, events, and possible a dance.

Website: The Spirit Club will be unveiling a brand-new website in Fall of 2011 that provides updated snapshots of everything from upcoming events to photos of previous events. Be sure to bookmark it!

Spirit Week: The Spirit Club will be in charge of hosting the annual Spirit Week, a fun and easy way to encourage class spirit in a relaxed yet competitive atmosphere. Who will win next year?

School Store: A survey will be produced in the upcoming weeks asking students and faculty about their thoughts concerning a school store. Would a school store promote school spirit?

Attendance at Sports: Attendance at sporting events and cheering on our winning Marauders is a great way to boost spirit and build school pride. Join us next year as we promote attendance at all of our sporting events!

Promotion of Clubs/Arts: The Spirit Club will continue to market and promote plays and other activities done by any club or the arts. Did you know that 1 out of 3 Marauders is somehow involved in the Arts Department. It’s critically important that we support this popular program.

Feel free to join the excitement in Ms. Murray’s room on Tuesdays during Activity Period! We look forward to seeing you there!

Go Marauders!

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