Despite Rumors, March Intensive Numbers Don’t Fall

During March Intensive 2019, there was a rumor spreading regarding the attendance level of March Intensive, and how it was far lower than in previous years. The current March Intensive Attendance Policy is that absences are noted on school record, as well as whether or not the student participated in the program. Lack of participation also results in the student being placed at the bottom of the class lottery for the next year.

Mr. Prince, the coordinator of March Intensive this year, quickly dispelled any rumors of poor attendance saying, “the attendance this year was basically the same as it has always been” referencing a fluctuation of about “7 students” less this year than in previous years. Mr. Prince attributes this to an increased number of, what he calls “good independent proposals”, but they were put forth too late. This created an increased number of people doing activities during March Intensive that would typically qualify as an independent but due to timing were unable to secure credit.

Mr. Prince also noted that there were around 32 independent studies this year, as well as an increase in group independent studies. For next year, the planning committee hopes to increase the number of student-led March Intensives, hopefully catching the interest of more students and encouraging them to participate in the program. Mr. Prince also noted that the quickest way for March Intensive to end would simply be “if students don’t show up.” However, overall, the rumor of March Intensive attendance is simply another myth circulating the school, but participating in March Intensive is crucial to keeping the program alive.

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