Dresden School Board Elects Committee Chairs in First Meeting After Town Elections

The Dresden School Board met Tuesday of last week for their first meeting since the recent town elections. At the elections, Hanover and Norwich voters overwhelmingly approved the school board’s 2019-2020 budget. In addition, several retiring members of the school board ended their service to the board after last month’s meeting and thus, the board was delighted to welcome new members, Mr. Hunt, and Ms. Hartmann.

The board then elected officers for the new term and began by electing committee chairs. Mr. Odell was unanimously elected to another full term as chair of the Dresden School Board and Mr. Sobel was elected in absentia to serve as vice chairman of the board. Ms. Hartman was elected secretary and chair of the budget committee (the board secretary is traditionally held by a first-term board member).

Mr. Lepene then reported that the chorus performed a Hamilton medley and that a day of spirit to feature crazy garb and hats was imminent. Mr. Campbell announced that Hanover High School has had the honor of being chosen to host next year’s New England Music Festival and is in the process of consulting with Dartmouth about parking availability. Lastly, the board discussed a sabbatical proposal from Mr. Prince and Mr. Bourne designed to study how the final semester of high school might be better used. They proposed to split the sabbatical and will each teach for half of the 19-20 school year. Mr. Bourne will also continue in his capacity as chair of the English department.

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