Council Discusses Election Schedule and Rejects Election Bylaw Revision – Council Update (3/6/19)

Council opened amidst a flurry of yellow sheets of paper as many Council members seeking reelection attempted to gain signatures on their nomination sheets. A presentation later in the meeting by OEC Chair Ellie Stannard laid out the election schedule and explained the rules for campaign posters; the rules mainly pertain to the appropriateness and focus on the issues. The full election schedule is as follows:

Thursday, 3/21: Nomination papers due in the library by 3:00 pm.

Monday, 3/25: Campaign posters dropped off in the library, and Council platform statement and photo submitted to the Broadside and Council secretary.

Tuesday, 3/26: OEC committee approves posters.

Thursday, 3/28: Candidates pick up and put up posters.

Tuesday, 4/9: Council elections in the atrium.

Wednesday, 4/10: Election results are posted in the atrium.

In the reports section of the meeting, Moderator Colm Seigne reminded committees to focus on their goals and mandates as the Council year draws to a close. Other items of note include a large donation to DSB for a music program, the details of which are yet to be released to the public.

The third item on the agenda was the “Update on Council Kickoffs,” a confusing agenda item, as the meetings ended up being combinations of Council members and Class Committees, as originally intended. Through the update, it was revealed that the meetings varied immensely from grade to grade. The Freshman meeting, according to class representative Pierce Seigne, was chaotic and ineffectual as students yammered in the background and focused more on their phones than on the meeting; this report provides an interesting look into the Class of 2022. The Sophomore and Junior meetings, according to representatives Ellie Stannard and Tessa Stewart, were similar in being somewhat effective, though the Junior meeting focused primarily on class fundraising. The Seniors focused entirely on their numerous upcoming events.

Council then discussed the Election Bylaw Reform revision. Council found the Election Bylaw Reform revision, brought forth by Freshman reps Kirkpatrick and Rockmore, to have good intentions. However, many on the body spoke out against the actual revisions. The motion quickly failed, with not a single vote in favor, and five abstentions. Rockmore and Kirkpatrick both notably voted against their own motion.

The last item covered in Council was the Snowday Resolution brought by Sophomore Rep. Jonathan Li. A resolution is different than a motion or a bylaw revision in that it has no power to actually change anything. Instead, it is a formal statement by Council about an issue beyond its control. Many on Council praised Li’s ability to bring the issues spoken about by students in the hallways to the Council meeting but had issues with the resolution itself. Among the concerns brought forth was the polishing of the motion, the practicality of the ideas within, and legality of certain statements within. Council concluded in the middle of debate about the resolution.

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