MLK Assembly a Needed Reminder of Hanover Privilege – Opinion

At Hanover, we take a lot of things for granted.

The quality of our academics, heating and air conditioning, shelter, food, easy access to the internet, clean clothes, clean air, and even something as simple as water. We take drinks for granted, believe it or not. For instance, it took me three minutes to run to the cafe before Personal Finance to grab the ice tea I am sipping on now. It would take much less time to run to the water fountain. The point is, the MLK assembly last week was something Hanover seemingly needs. It not only showed the hardships that many undergo each day, but showed the impact that these issues had on even the presenters themselves. Issues that are basic, little things to people in our community: such as simply a glass of clean water. There is a lack of consciousness when it comes to the difficulties that certain middle or lower-class communities experience.

However, much of the spoken presentation wasn’t exactly audible, and actually hearing the speech was an important yet lacking element. Some students expressed that it could have been shorter and that the way the information was presented was an area that could have been improved on.

Critiques aside, there were also positive responses from the student body. “It was a bop,” A 17-year-old Junior noted. “I like that it wasn’t just a remembrance of MLK as a person, but also connecting his beliefs to present day issues such as Flint, Michigan.”

In my own opinion, I think that the assembly was imperative, especially since many young students at Hanover live in conditions that allow them to pay little to no attention to their privilege. It is important for these students to acknowledge the benefits that they are exposed to by living in such a comfortable and safe community. Benefits such as easy access to clean water.

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