Council Discusses CPP and DSB Merger Bylaw Revision – Council Update (12/5/18)

This past week’s Council meeting was headlined by the CPP and DSB Merger Bylaw Revision. As explained by Junior Rep. Ian Nolon, the revision would merge the positions of CPP Representative and DSB Representative into one leadership position who would be known as the Council Liaison. Rep. Nolon explained that the workload would be manageable and that combining the two positions would ensure cooperation between CPP and DSB and that Council opinions are represented consistently on both bodies.

Freshman Rep. Alex Rockmore began the conversation by saying that he thought the revision made a lot of sense as both positions do very similar things in their respective meetings. DSB Rep. Oliver Minshall reminded Council members that the motion came with a recommendation from Curriculum committee which stated that it would be more efficient to combine the two positions. Ms. Stevenson added to the conversation that she was worried about the extracurricular nature of CPP, as CPP meetings happen during sports’ practices and theater rehearsals, unlike DSB meetings which happen at night. Junior Clay Kynor followed this up by saying that he thinks CPP Rep. should be voted on by Council as well, even if it doesn’t become a leadership position or merges with DSB Representative into one position. Assistant Moderator Romaney Granizo-MacKenzie added that she agreed that CPP should be elected but that CPP already has such a large role that maybe it should be considered for its own separate leadership position.

Also discussed at the meeting was Student Life Committee’s recent trip to Bow high school. Members of the committee discussed the block schedule at Bow, which consists of 4 days of block schedule and one day with all 8 periods, the 5 hours a year community service graduation requirement, and the required senior seminar.

Council members also got their photo taken for the yearbook and filled out a survey on their feelings about Council.  

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