Council Refers Religious Holidays to Curriculum Committee and Adjourns Early – Council Update (11/28/18)

This past week’s Council meeting was headlined by a continued discussion on the Religious Holiday’s motion. The discussion came about as Freshman Representative Alex Rockmore moved to create an ad hoc committee on religious holidays claiming that this was clearly an issue that needed to be discussed and everybody would benefit from a committee.

Teacher Rep. Ms. Ceplikas argued that an ad hoc committee wouldn’t be necessary because this subject might fit into an already existing committee such as Student Life Committee. Dresden School Board Rep. Oliver Minshall added that there had been an ad hoc committee on a similar issue a few years ago and it never met. Co-Treasurer Dory Psomas followed this up by saying she was worried that the committee might never meet and the issue might get lost. Her basis for this claim was that the only ad hoc committee that ever really met was the community service ad hoc committees while all others never made any progress. Despite a very close vote, the motion for the ad hoc committee failed.

To follow up on his original motion, Freshman Rep. Alex Rockmore moved to refer the discussion to Curriculum Committee. Rep. Rockmore said he is personally invested in the motion and since he is on Curriculum Committee it would make sense. He also added that having the discussion in a committee would be a good step. Teacher Rep. Devon Voake said that it might make more sense to refer it to Administrative Committee since a lot of the broader issues intimately involve the administration. DSB Rep. Minshall that this issue touches so many aspects of the school that Council should create a body to discuss the motion with people from every committee on it. After Rep. Minshall’s comment, Council decided to go ahead with Rep. Rockmore’s original motion and referred the motion to Curriculum Committee.

During the meeting Council also allocated $150 to Student Life Committee for their trip to Bow and DSB Rep. Minshall explained a bylaw notification. DSB Rep. Minshall explained that in the next Council meeting there would be a bylaw revision to combine the roles of DSB Rep. and CPP Rep. into one leadership position as both positions are very similar. DSB Rep. Minshall explained that if Council voted for the change it would take effect in the 2019-2020 school year.

Also noteworthy was the fact that Council adjourned 10 minutes early, something that hasn’t occurred for at least two years.

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