2017 HHS Council Election Guide: The Candidates In Their Own Words

The time has come. On Friday, May 12, Hanover High School students and faculty will choose who shall represent on Council for the 2017-2018 school year. The polling station, which will be located in the Atrium (across the hallway from the Media Center), will open at 7:30am and will remain open until the end of the school day. All voters will be allowed to choose 11 candidates at most from the ballot, including candidates from any class or the staff. The 12 candidates with the most votes at the end of the day will become at-large representatives; once the at-large candidates have been designated, each class (and the staff) will receive 5 regular representatives and 1 alternate representative.

To help voters educate themselves on their choices, the Broadside has compiled information on all the candidates who were nominated to the ballot. Each candidate was asked the following questions:


  1. Why are you running for Council this year?
  2. What do you hope to do and accomplish in Council if elected? What are your legislative goals, if you have any?
  3. Why should you be elected to Council? What are your strengths and flaws when it comes to leadership and representation?


See what they have to say.


Note: All candidates who are currently serving on Council have their position and committee name denoted beneath their name. Their voting record for the 2016-2017 school year can be found at:



Candidates were given the option to submit photographs of themselves as well.


Class of 2020:

Alice Garner
Freshmen class representative.  Serves on Student Life Committee.
Why she’s running: I am running for Council this year because I enjoy representing the class. I like listening to the different motions and talking to all of you to see what you want. I also want to take your ideas to the Council, and fight for them.”

Goals: As a current Council member, I am on the Student Life committee. Right now, we are working on a project to build a bioshelter to help improve sustainability and community throughout our school. As a committee, we visited Souhegan High School in Amherst, NH. We observed their differences, their strengths, and weaknesses. As a committee, we realized how we could learn from other schools, and improve student life. If elected, I would love to continue this work next year. I will join the Community Service Ad Hoc committee next year and will fight to integrate community service into our curriculum and build it into our school year so everyone will have the opportunity to finish their hours inside of school if they wish.”

Final Pitch: I’m a very social person. I love to talk to people and take their ideas to Council. I am a year-round athlete and musician and I believe in strong academics. I understand the struggle of balancing homework and extracurricular activities. However, sometimes I’m known to go overboard.”

Lauren Ilsley Why she’s running: I didn’t run for Council last year because I wasn’t really sure what it was about, so I went to all of the meetings. After being at the meetings I saw how truly amazing the process of council is and I really want to help our school and make changes.”

Goals: I want to join the Community Service Committee so we can help everyone understand the motion and help make it accessible during school so kids with busy schedules aren’t struggling.”

Final Pitch: I have always been thought of as a leader in my class, at school, and on my soccer and basketball teams. I know that I will be good at getting my points across, listening to my classmates, and keeping them updated on what’s going on in council; this was a big problem this year.”

Clay Kynor
Representative for new/tuition students.

Serves on Organization Engineering Committee.

Why he’s running: “I am running for Council this year because I feel that the students deserve to have a voice in the school’s matters, and I feel like that voice is an incredibly beneficial and useful tool. I want to be able to use this tool to represent and vouch for the interest of the students and their priorities.”

Goals: The main thing that I would like to accomplish is to create a way for students to work on community service during the day. This would be such a simple and easy solution for everyone to get this requirement done with and out of the way. It also wouldn’t take time out of our already busy schedules, so we wouldn’t have to worry about doing it outside of school.”

Final Pitch: “I also want to make everybody feel included in this school because school should be a safe environment for learning.I feel like I should be elected to Council because I will make the students’ wishes my number one priority, so Vote Clay for a Bigger Say and a Better Day!”

Sabin Mitchell Why she’s running: I think running for Council is a great way to get more involved in the school and the people here. I think what Council does is really interesting and I want to be a part of that.”

Goals: I want to make sure that every student feels like their voice is being heard. I will listen to what my class wants and balance that with what is good for the school.”

Final Pitch: I should be elected to Council because I think I can really help my class as a whole. While I have many flaws a strength I feel I have is that kids can come and talk to me and I will listen.One flaw of mine is that I don’t speak out as much as I should and I would really like to change that. This is one of the reasons I am running for council.”

Sophie Mitchell Why she’s running: Last year I ran for Council; I was not elected. During my speech, I completely freaked out and did not say anything on the one and a half pieces of paper I had written and rehearsed in front of me besides for Hello my name is Sophie Mitchell. Like last year, I still have a strong compassion for student government and leadership. I feel like I have a voice that I would love to use and if elected, I will have the opportunities to effectively use it to represent my grade and school.”

Goals: I just hope to improve the school and community.”

Final Pitch: I feel that I hold strong leadership characteristics from sports, participating in class discussions and from taking a Leadership class. I know that I have a strong voice when I want it to be heard for something important and I feel strongly about. If I am elected to the Council, my views will be my class’s views, not to be tinted with my personal opinion, and they will be heard.”

Ian Nolon
Freshmen class representative.

Serves on Curriculum Committee.

Why he’s running: “I am running for Council again this year because I enjoyed participating in democracy last year and hope to continue it this year.”

Goals: Next year, I hope to revisit the homework motion and to address other concerns.”

Final Pitch: I speak up frequently in Council discussions to advocate for our class and I abstained on the Community Service Graduation Requirement motion when every other voting member voted for it.  I am also very dedicated to representing my class’s opinions as opposed to my own. If I get re-elected, I pledge to represent the Class of 2020 to the best of my abilities.”

Joey Perras
Freshmen class representative.

Serves on Organizational Engineering Committee.

Mr. Perras did not respond to the Broadside’s requests for an interview. His voting record can be found on the Council’s roll call records spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1bVhcte1Wi4QcLwDogzVLB4zvfv3nQnNWKFoaGiWNWmo/edit#gid=0
Tessa Stewart
Freshmen class representative.

Serves on Student Activities Committee.

Why she’s running:I’m running again for Council because I really enjoy having a say in the decisions made here at HHS. It was a great learning experience this year being on the Student Activities committee, meeting new people, and planning for Winter Carnival!”

Goals: After passing the community service motion recently, my goal in Council next year is to help build service days into the curriculum to make it as fun and as easy as possible for students to get in their 10 hours of service each year.”

Final Pitch: When it comes to leadership, I am very comfortable talking to my class about any issues and I am prepared to hear their thoughts on the service motion, such as how they would like it to be different, or any suggestions they have to make it successful.”

Stephen Wang Why he’s running: I am running for Council this year because I want to contribute a new and insightful opinion to Council. My desire is also fueled by my community service experiences.  I regularly share my piano music in nursing homes and hospitals and many people there often tell me that I make their day. The happiness I have created has inspired me to reach out further in my community by serving the student body.”

Goals: If I am elected, I hope to change parts of the Community Service Motion that recently passed. I also hope to bring healthier and more affordable options to the cafeteria and guarantee that every student receives a real X-period in all their classes.”

Final Pitch: “Believe in Stephen!”

Justin Zhou
Alternate freshmen class representative.

Serves on Curriculum Committee

Why he’s running: “I believe it is the duty of a Council member to represent the voice of the student body. I will listen to anyone who has an opinion to share and wants to be heard. I am running for Council to represent the student body and make sure that everyone has a say. I am also eager to organize events that the student body can enjoy. I want to help organize and participate in funding for events. I strongly want to serve the community and the school.”
Goals: “This year in Council, I was a part of the Curriculum Committee. If I am elected to Council, I would continue to improve upon the curriculum by conducting surveys and addressing students’ concerns. In addition, I will create a more effective bridge between Council and the body. I would like the student body to be updated by what Council does so that there is more communication between the two. Also, with the recent passing of the Community Service Graduation Requirement Motion, I want to help students find community service. One way this can be done is by organizing a couple days during the school year where students can only focus on doing community service and learn the values of service.”
Final Pitch: “You should vote for me because I am always eager to resolve issues facing the school. I will dedicate my time to help make the school even better for the students. Also, I have experience in Council, which can be very useful. I am in Council this current year, and I have worked in Council at the middle school too. I have also volunteered during the 2016 presidential election. I talked to voters face-to-face about issues they were concerned with. I also frequently wrote articles in the Broadside Newspaper to update the student body on Council. This is just one example of my attempt to create a bridge between the body and Council. I am open to new ideas, and I will work hard to help all students at Hanover High School. Trust in Justin.”


Class of 2019:


Lucas Brock Why he’s running: I am running for council because it is a great opportunity to make a difference in this school.”

Goals: Recently, some have felt dissatisfied by council’s decisions, and I intend to represent some less-voiced opinions regarding the Community Service Graduation Requirement Motion.  The point of such volunteer work is to be voluntary, and by requiring 40 hours of service to graduate, the motion inhibits a student’s ability to focus on the education that the community provides.  A better way to give back, would be to provide some incentive for different amounts of community service and make it a voluntary offering. This allows a HHS student to contribute to the community as they see fit, giving more community-oriented students some compensation for their work whilst allowing those with other ambitions to spend their time freely to advance their own interests.  Of course, this is not the only option, and I am open to other suggestions.”

Final Pitch: As a Council representative, I will do my best to represent the students in this school.  I have experience in school politics and have taken part in two different school councils since my time as a middle schooler.  I have held the positions of president, vice president, and treasurer, and I know how to get things done in a parliamentary environment.  Of course, effective representation will require contribution on everyone’s part, and I look forward to working with the council and the student body to make this school a better place for everyone.”

Romaney Granizo-Mackenzie
Sophomore Class Representative

Serves on Administrative Committee.

Why she’s running: This year, 2016-2017, was my first year on Council. I ran during my eighth grade year but didn’t make it on for a couple of reasons (probably the most prevalent being I was an awkward little middle-schooler). Anyway I ran again and made it on for my sophomore year. Being on Council is a privilege and a responsibility. I know it probably sounds cliché but it is just so amazing to see democracy in the works at my own school. So many schools don’t even have a student government and only few have ones like ours. I didn’t bring any motions to Council this year but Leila and I are currently working on one that says if a teacher isn’t present, an assessment cannot be given.”

Goals: If re-elected to Council this year, I would, firstly, be so happy and excited to have another year on Council, and secondly, work very hard to bring the motion I’m working on. I also want to be on Council to help see that the community service graduation requirement motion is carried out in a way that all students can get their hours easily and happily.”

Final Pitch: I believe I should be elected to Council because I am a leader. As a current Council member, I tell my Common Ground each week what we did in Council (even if they don’t really want to hear it). If there is a controversial motion, I try to discuss it with my fellow students and hear their thoughts. I not only keep my Common Ground updated but also my friends (again, even if they don’t always want to hear it). I think one of my biggest strengths as a leader is not being afraid to reach out and share my opinion but also listen to others’ and see where they are coming from. I think one of my flaws as a leader is my public speaking skills since I am sometimes still that awkward middle schooler (but hey at least I acknowledge the problem right?). Anyway, being on Council this school year was an absolute pleasure and I really hope I get the chance again next year to serve. Vote Roro 2017!!”

Henry Kuvin Why he’s running: I am running for Council this year because I hope to make Hanover more sustainable and eco-friendly and to be a voice of my classmates.”

Goals: I hope to accomplish many things while in Council, but a really important issue to me is climate change and our planet Earth. Ever since the [Presidential] election in November, I have seen no improvements in trying to stop global warming by the US government. On the contrary, other countries, such as Scotland and Germany, have made enormous efforts to change their impact on the planet’s resources. I plan to reduce the amount of paper, energy, and materials we use as a school.”

Final Pitch: I believe I should be elected to council because I am a new voice in Hanover. Last summer, I moved here from outside of Boston; I loved my school government there. I believe I am a great leader and I am always open to new ideas for the school and community. If elected to council, I would represent the new students. It was hard transitioning in a place where I knew nobody but over the year I became more comfortable here. In my opinion, it is important to have a student coming from another school on Council so they can voice their past experiences.”

Oliver Minshall

Reporter’s note: Mr. Minshall’s response were taken from excerpts of the speech he gave in the Atrium on May 5. He provided his speech as a response to the Broadside.

Why he’s running:  “I’d like to think these formative years bring change for each member of our community. Change happens all around us and in an increasingly uncertain world I have come to realize that progress is no mere political term; progress is the kind of change we can all agree on for progress transcends the forces that divide us. Unity, courage, and dedication are required for progress and it is these values I promise to bring to our Council. I believe that the Class of 2019 deserves a representative committed to these values. I believe that our next Council member should be a tireless defender of fairness, a committed protector of freedom, and an uncompromising advocate of equality. That’s why I’m running and that’s why I am asking for your vote.”

Goals:Accountability is an essential part of any functioning democracy. It is important that accountability extend beyond just records and forms. Accountability and accessibility must go hand in hand to make our community a more fair place. That is why I propose Council devote at least one period per semester for questions and an honest discussion with the student body… The second part of my vision for our school is freedom. In an environment of freedom, affronts to our religious liberty such as the swastikas recently drawn on parked cars are unacceptable. We need to add an additional three days to the standard vandalism punishment for symbols of hate and division. In addition, we must show our community and our country that religious freedom will never die at our school.  With high profile figures like Secretary DeVos trying to push religious agendas in public schools, we must prove no battle is too small to fight for the constitutional idea of religious liberty by protecting every religion possible in any motion… If elected I will never vote for any motion that favors one group over another. We also need to find a way to make sure that any motion passed is fair to our religiously unaffiliated students. The gender motion was an important step towards freedom and I am very excited at the merger of the Rainbow Alliance club and the Inclusivity Committee. Working together with Outright Vermont, I am confident we can make our school a safer and more welcoming environment for the LGBTQ community and if elected I will be happy to aid in that process.  Lastly, freedom means liberty from unfair mandates and forced labor. Let me be clear: philosophically, I believe the purview of student government is not to foist morality on the student body but to instill it within them. However, it is my belief that every student should do community service and now that the [Community Service] motion has passed my goal will be to make it as fair and attainable as it possibly can be . The service committees work is far from over as we need to find more opportunities for our entire school to participate in service.”

Final Pitch: “I have always believed that good government should  be about two things: policy and people. As your representative, I will always put what is just, right, and fair first. Good government should also be about accessibility; that’s why throughout the rest of this campaign and [my time in Council] if I win, I will respond to any questions or concerns that the Class of 2019 has about our campaign or the work that Council is doing. As your Council member, I will respect the limits of Council’s power and above all the  rights of each student.”

Elizabeth Napier
Sophomore Class Representative.

Chair of Curriculum Committee.

Why she’s running: “I’m running for Council to be a voice for the people of HHS. It’s the job of a Council rep to make sure that everyone’s opinions are voiced even if those opinions aren’t necessarily popular or something you agree with. Everyone should be heard. Council is also something I’m very passionate about. Hanover is such a unique place in the sense that students really get to partake in much of the legislative side of the school and it’s been incredible to be a part of that for the past two years.”

Goals: This year I hope to accomplish at least three things specifically. First, I hope to pass a motion about homework over breaks. As it stands, homework technically can be assigned over breaks but it is suggested that it is not. I’m working on a motion that would make homework assigned the week before break and due the week after break have to be due a certain amount of days after break (I’m still working out the details.) Second, I hope to pass a motion setting a standard for X periods and what they would entail, meaning that what an X period means would be the same in all classes and you would know exactly what to expect from an X period from any class. Third, I hope to increase communication between Council and the rest of the school. As these past few weeks have shown, much of the school doesn’t know what’s going on in Council most of the time. Council had been discussing the Community Service Graduation Motion for multiple weeks before the discussion really reached everyone else because people didn’t know it was being discussed. I think it’s incredibly important that this doesn’t happen, especially when discussing motions that impact the school this much. I currently give Council reports to two common grounds every week but in the future I plan on posting the agenda in my class every week to make sure people know what’s going on and keeping Council accountable.”

Final Pitch: I should be elected to Council because I have lots of Council experience having been on Council for the past two years and have served on the Organizational Engineering Committee (2015-2016) and the Curriculum (which I am currently a chair of) and Executive Committees this past year; I am a good leader; and am more that willing to continue to dedicate the time and effort that it takes to be a good and effective Council Rep.”

Dory Psomas Why she’s running: This year in particular has been a year in which a lot of focus has been put back on Council. There are many people who think that the changes that Council is trying to push through are ridiculous. Unfortunately, many of the people who believe that are not on Council. In my opinion, the best way to change something is to get directly involved. Being another person who complains about how parts of the school are run without actually trying to involve myself would be hypocritical.”

Goals: When elected, I hope to be able to help solve problems based around things such as homework, staff-student relations, and extra-curricular activities. More specifically, I would like to be able to bring in a motion that would address the date that a test is announced in relation to when it is due. I would also like to address absences and how they affect extra curricular activities. However I realize that I am only one person with one experience. I would want to see which issues are troubling students at our school and bring it as an issue to Council, whether I agree with it or not.”

Final Pitch:As an elected representative, the job is to represent people. While the current Council members are doing a fantastic job on Council currently, I am unsure whether they represent the current demographic of our school. I am a relatively average student but I don’t feel like I am being represented by council. That is why I think I should be elected.”

Lois Schwarz
Sophomore class representative.

Serves on Student Activities Committee.

Why she’s running: I’m running for Council again this year because I want to be a part of the student-led body. I think Council is a great opportunity for students to advocate for the change they want to see in their school. I also want to be a part of the Student Activity Committee again and help make Winter Carnival a more inclusive and all-day event.”

Goals: I hope that if I am re-elected to Council I would serve as a helpful liaison between Council and the student body. I feel as though there’s a lack of communication between Council and the general public this year and that resulted in initial haste towards the community service motion. If I were on Council I will work harder to communicate Council discussions to my class and to the school. I will also encourage people to come to the meetings and share their voices!”

Final Pitch: I should be elected to Council because I really enjoy Council and am passionate about this school sharing mutual ideals. I want to help HHS become a school that is cognizant of problems that Council is trying to solve and where everyone shares a passion for our student government. I think that I’m a suitable person to represent the class of 2019 because I know a lot of the concerns revolving around the school and am happy to answer questions and share my thoughts about Council to anyone who will listen.”

Colm Seigne
At-large representative.

Serves on Student Activities Committee.

Why he’s running / Goals:I am running again this year and hope to make Winter Carnival a full-day event.”

Final Pitch:This year in Council I spent a lot of time being silent and trying to figure out the ropes. I spent a lot of time this year talking with people in this school about the Community Service Motion. I think that I was good at portraying everyone’s views.”

Iroha Shirai Why she’s running:The democratic process tends to favor those who are the most outspoken. However, I believe that students who are not as outspoken are as qualified to represent the class in Council. I myself am a person that is not typically represented in Council. I’m not very outspoken and I’m not well known, but I am a good listener and observer and I hear a lot about what goes on around in the school. I think I can help better represent my grade, the Class of 2019; I can bring in voices that have never been heard and from those who have never been able to speak up.”

Goals: Hanover High School students have so much stress, including me. I think that this results from many factors, but one of the most problematic is because teachers forget about the homework rules. Technically, according to the school handbook, teachers are not allowed to assign homework after school, nor are they allowed to give homework over breaks. However, many teachers forget about this rules and/or they don’t know about it and this stresses the students out (even over breaks when they should be enjoying their time off of school). I have thought about ways in which I could solve this problem; one way may be to create a response box where people could write their problems about homework on a piece of paper anonymously and place it in the box. They could write the details of what is going on in a class and how the students are stressed out. Then, once a week a group of council members could open up the box and try to solve some of these problems by talking to the teachers. Another solution could be to send weekly emails, (especially before long breaks) to remind the teachers about the homework policies written in the school handbook. This way, the teachers can be reminded of the policies; I think that there would be less teachers who would forget about the policies.”

Final Pitch: “I should be elected to Council because, as I said earlier, I am someone who is not typically represented in Council, and I think I can bring a different view of the school. Although I am very quiet and don’t speak up very often, I am a good leader and I believe that leadership is practice. I was the secretary for my middle school Jr. Beta Club, and I am also the NH representative of the Music Mission Outreach Program. I play the violin and am a member of the Boston Youth Symphony Orchestras. Playing the violin, I have been concertmaster for many orchestras, and I know the happiness of finishing an orchestra concert after many long rehearsals and struggles that we, as an orchestra, had. Being concertmaster, you have to take responsibility of the whole orchestra and make sure that you communicate with both the conductor and with the whole orchestra. Through these experiences, I have gained many leadership skills; they will definitely guide me when in Council.”

Leila Trummel
Sophomore Class Representative.

Serves on Student Life Committee.

Why she’s running: I have LOVED being on Council this past year (2016-2017). Being a part of the student government was a really amazing opportunity. Next year on Council I would like to continue to work on the Community Service motion and make sure that we can integrate community service into the curriculum. I also am an avid member of the Environmental Club and would like to help green up Hanover High School because I believe that we could reduce our carbon footprint. This year on Council, I feel as though there was a large communication gap between Council and the student body, and I really want to end that. The students should always be informed about the changes Council is making. Many students at Hanover High are often stressed and it can be difficult to find down time, so I want to significantly lower weekend homework. I believe weekends are a time for relaxation, not more work. I’m also open to collaborating on motion with a student who wants to see a change but doesn’t necessarily want to be on Council!”

Goals: Currently, I am working on three motions. One is about lowering homework on the weekends, and another one is about allocating money to the school’s compost program; I am collaborating with Romaney on a motion about teachers needing to be present for tests to be taken. I hope that within the next year these motions can be finalized, discussed and passed through Council. I also really want the student body to have a more positive feeling toward Council this year.”

Final Pitch: I am so passionate about Council; I really enjoy being a part of the democratic process at Hanover High School. As I said earlier, I am a member of the Environmental Club as well as class committee, student life committee, the cross country team, the Nordic ski team, and the track team. I work with people all over the school in these various activities and I love to talk to them about Council and what’s going on. I consider myself a leader in class and outside of class as I speak up and take initiative often. I try hard to be empathetic and hear the other side of arguments as well. A weakness of mine is that I am a fairly disorganized person and that can put a damper on my leadership abilities. Overall, I consider myself to be an electable candidate and will work hard to make the best decisions for my class!!”


Class of 2018:


Catherine Han
At-large representative.

Serves on Administrative Committee.

Ms. Han did not respond to the Broadside’s requests for an interview. Her voting record can be found on the Council’s roll call records spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1bVhcte1Wi4QcLwDogzVLB4zvfv3nQnNWKFoaGiWNWmo/edit#gid=0
Henry Kahl
Junior class representative.

Chair of Organization Engineering Committee.

Why he’s running: I am running for Council this year because I truly enjoyed my experience on it this past year. It was a time where I could express my opinion on a variety of issues that I felt needed to be addressed.”

Goals: For Council next year, my goals are to help facilitate the growth of the community service Ad Hoc committee as well as to help ease the transition with the new graduation requirement motion.”

Final Pitch: I should be elected to Council because I am a strong leader who wants to do what is best for the school. I will use our student body’s opinions in order to create effective and passable motions.”

Aisling Kelly
At-large representative.

Chair of Student Activities Committee.

Why she’s running: I’ve been on Council since my freshman year because I truly love going to Council and being involved in the Student Activities Committee. Over the past few years we have discussed motions concerning issues of gender-identity, mental health, the environment, and now community service. I never thought that I would be able to make legislature in high school that dealt with such important and socially relevant topics. Discussing these issues with Council has taught me so much about our school and the priorities that we hold as a community, and I’m so excited to see what Council brings next year.”

Goals: Council had a couple of discussions regarding mental health this year. Although the discussion was incredibly valuable, since we never passed a motion the discussion didn’t end up reaching the entire student body. Next year I would love to revisit the topic of mental health and hear the opinions of the entire school. I would also like to revisit the homework motion. Over the past few years, many steps have been taken in reducing the amount of homework at Hanover High. However, between all of the surveys and committees, a motion hasn’t been made.”

Final Pitch: I think I’m well-suited for Council because I know exactly what’s expected of me through my three years of experience. I know how a Council meeting runs and how to help it run as efficiently as possible. I’ve learned to only use speaking time when I have new ideas to bring to the table instead of reiterating old ideas for the sake of speaking. I also think that I’m a valuable member of Council because I genuinely care about Council and I’m invested in its success.”

Jake Licht Why he’s running / Goals: “I am running for Council for the first time in order to represent a set of views that are not represented that the Council has not heard in the time that I’ve been here, especially on the [Community Service Graduation Requirement] motion.”

Final Pitch: “I can talk to a lot of people. I encompass lots of points of view. I will put my point of view in on each case. I will seek out opinions from the student body, whether they be majority opinions or individual opinions. I will not base my vote solely on my own opinion.”

Isabel Loftus
Alternate junior class representative.

Serves on Administrative Committee.

Why she’s running / Goals: I am running for Council because I want to help build a sense of community in our school and be able to support motions that improve our school. As great as our school already is, I believe there are still some aspects that can be improved and I want to be able to aid in that improvement in whatever way possible.”

Final Pitch: I believe I should be elected to Council because I want to help improve our school and its community. When I get involved with something, I dedicate myself to it fully and I will apply that same dedication and focus to my position on Council. I have not always been as outspoken as I should’ve been in past years on Councils and I will work on vocalizing my opinion more if I am re-elected to Council.”

Jasper Meyer
At-large representative.

Serves on Curriculum Committee.

Currently representative to Dresden School Board.

Why he’s running: I’ve been on Council since my sophomore year and I absolutely love it. I know it sounds super nerdy but I actually look forward to Wednesday every week because we get to have Council. I love the whole process: listening, talking, committees, exec, Robert’s Rules, debate, voting. I’m running this year again because my HHS experience in my senior year would simply not be complete without attending those meetings. Even if I’m not elected onto the body, I will still participate in committee and at meetings.”

Goals: This year, I drafted the Community Service Graduation Requirement Motion with help from the Service Ad Hoc Committee which I chair. Now that the wording has been passed, the real work begins. My goal next year with Council is to implement the requirement so that it can be effective, empowering, impactful, and most importantly, fun. I’m really excited to work with: students to give them ideas, hear their stories, and solicit feedback; staff to help motivate, engage, and teach service, while preaching what they’re teaching; and administration to ensure smooth and efficient enforcement. I’m really psyched to see what good our student body can do in our community when given the perfect excuse to go give back!”

Final Pitch: Naturally, I’m a talker. I talk a lot in Council meetings and in most other things in life. This year, my leadership style will shift more towards me being a listener. I want to hear what you have to say about the requirement. I want to hear what’s working, and more crucially, I want to hear what’s not. This is a fluid process, and next year is our exciting test run! Really listening without inserting my own opinion has never come very easily to me, but next year, it’s my goal.”

Perrin Milliken
Junior class representative.

Serves on Student Life Committee.

Why she’s running: I am running for Council again this year because I truly enjoy participating in making the school a better place. Over the years I have been on Council I have become more vocal and more involved. Most students think that people run for Council just because of college but the opposite is true for me. I love going to the meetings and am passionate about discussing how we can improve the school. I also think it is extremely important that Council continues to be powered by students with purpose and dedication so that we can protect the influence that students have in this democratic school for the grades following us.”

Goals: My focus next year if I am elected is to work on more efficient ways that action can be taken to change the school. So many students have suggestions and ideas, no matter how small, that could be relatively easy to implement in the school. I have been on the Student Life committee for the past three years and I think that this committee could be a great way to help create constant improvement in the school. My most recent thought has been how many paper towels our school throws away each day. No one seems to question our use of paper towels, but this is an example of a small aspect of the school that could be changed if the students were passionate about it. Next year I hope to change the amount of paper towels we use, as well as continuing my work on the new Ecology Center project that Student Life has been looking into for the past few months, as well as seeing how we could improve the caf. I am also interested in reaching out more to the student body for specific suggestions that they would like to see change in the school.”

Final Pitch: I am not the most outspoken person but over my two years of experience on Council I have learned how to voice my opinion effectively and make it count. I listen carefully at every meeting and report the main issues to my common ground. I also work hard and am a leader within my committee. I listen to the opinions of the general student body as well as the ideas within council and vote with the intention of doing what is best for the school. I prioritize Council and have missed school to go on a trip to look at Souhegan and how HHS can learn from them. I was also a driving force in the current presentation and discussion about the new addition of the Ecology Center and how it would be designed and used. My experience and knowledge with Council and specifically the Student Life committee would help me make next year on Council more effective.”

David Nagy-Pattantyus Mr. Nagy-Pattantyus was unable to respond to the Broadside’s requests for an interview. He is one of the candidates running with the support of the HHS Opposition Party and is known to have opposed the Community Service Graduation Requirement motion.
Isabelle Sangha
Junior class representative.

Serves on Student Activities Committee.

Why she’s running: If I am elected this upcoming year, it would be my third year on council. I think that over the past few years Council has struggled with successfully communicating to the student body what we are working on. I want to effectively represent what council does to the rest of the school.”

Goals: I don’t have any specific legislative goals but I really want to make Council more accessible (through Common Ground, etc.) so that we can better voice the opinions of the school.”

Final Pitch: I feel I have had experience of being on Council for two years and am comfortable talking about issues we are discussing outside of Council.”

Harrison Silbert Why he’s running / Goals: “Currently, rather than do what was wanted in the school by the vast majority, they voted for forced volunteerism with the threat of no graduation. As a result of that issue, I and many others here today became active in putting up a strong fight against against the “tide of oppression”… Even though the vote passed nearly unanimously, we can still fight on!”

Final Pitch: “We need your help. I need your help. Unity, not harsh division, is the answer to our school Council’s overstepping their authority. Students of HHS, I want to support you all. Not the teachers. Not outside organizations. Only our hard-working students. Vote Harrison Silbert for Council as we all wish for a better tomorrow!”
Reporter’s note: These responses were taken as excerpts from Mr. Silbert’s speech in the Atrium on May 8. He submitted his speech as his response to the Broadside. In his “Goals” statement, he is referring to the Community Service Graduation Requirement Motion.

Max Taxman
Junior Class Representative.

Serves on Curriculum Committee.

Mr. Taxman was unable to respond to the Broadside’s requests for an interview. His voting record can be found on the Council’s roll call records spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1bVhcte1Wi4QcLwDogzVLB4zvfv3nQnNWKFoaGiWNWmo/edit#gid=0
Marion Umpleby
Junior class representative.

Serves on Student Life Committee.

Why she’s running: “I’m running for Council because I greatly admire Hanover High School’s commitment to the democratic process and consider it an incredible honor and opportunity to partake in it. Furthermore, I find it inspiring to be part of a body devoted to creating cultural and legislative change on every level of HHS. Additionally, after spending a year on Council, I’ve come to treasure the socially minded family the body is and can’t imagine spending senior year without it.”

Goals: “If re-elected, I want to continue work on the design of the Ecology Center, a building intended to expose students to ecological principles and in turn prepare them for the environmental challenges of the future, as well as creating a space dedicated to the democratic process. I would also like to continue my position on the Observances Ad Hoc committee in our efforts to create homework accommodations for observant students. In terms of my individual legislative goals, if elected, I want to draft a motion that raises awareness about the exploitation of garment workers and encourages HHS to buy sweatshop-free apparel. I would also like to introduce more environmentally focused motions to Council that target issues like reducing the amount of plastic HHS goes through and strengthening our compost awareness and program. In addition, as an overall goal, I would like to work toward forging better communication between Council and the school body in the hope of engaging more students with Council and in turn providing Council with better student feedback.”  

Final Pitch: “I consider myself to be a very good listener who tries to understand all perspectives on a particular issue. If elected, I would bring this same desire to listen to and consider everyone’s opinion fairly to Council. I also strive to be a proactive and enthusiastic member on Council. I’m willing to put in the time to fully understand a motion as well as volunteer on subcommittees and Ad Hocs as I have done this year. I’m also unafraid to stand up for an issue I believe in. At the same time, as much as I endeavor to be the most active and informed member of Council I can be, I think my greatest flaw is that I’m introverted and speaking in front of the Council body can be very daunting. However, over the course of this year, I’ve strived to overcome my introverted nature and now that I’ve become more comfortable with the structure of Council and its members, speaking up no longer seems like such an obstacle.”




Hal Bourne
At-large representative

Serves on Student Life Committee.

Why he’s running: I came to work here specifically because it’s a democratic school, and I wholeheartedly support that approach.”

Goals: “My goal is to provide institutional history on issues and to confirm that all angles are considered in every discussion.”

Final Pitch: I try to keep everyone’s best interests in mind when voting. I’m pretty average at everything I do, and my weaknesses are too numerous to list, but I care deeply about the institution and I do my job earnestly, without fanfare, and without complaining (most of the time).”

Lynn Ceplikas Why she’s running: I am running for Council because I really miss serving on Council. My first ten years teaching here, I was a Council rep, then I served 6 years as the Council Executive (adviser). I have been away from Council for two years, and I would like to add my voice to the debates.”

Goals: My broad goal is to find ways to foster a deeper spirit of giving back and and a stronger sense of gratitude in the HHS community. One specific goal is to help make the community service requirement work, even though I was strongly opposed to the motion.”

Final Pitch: Since this is my 20th year at Hanover High, I feel I am able to bring some knowledge of the history and culture of HHS and the Council. I think an understanding of the past is important when planning for the future.”

Tom Eberhardt
Staff Representative

Serves on Student Activities Committee.

Why he’s running: Hanover’s Council model allows us to bring forward, discuss, debate, and legislate real change through thoughtful dialogue. I am running for Council so I can continue to be a part of this process. It was intriguing to serve as a member of Council during the 2016-2017 school year, and I would love the opportunity to be a part of this decision-making body again next year.”

Goals: If I am elected to Council again, I will hear a diverse group of opinions and balance the needs of individuals with the best-interests of the school. I intend to make informed decisions that are representative of the good of the whole.”

Final Pitch: As a member of the Counseling Department, I am fortunate to interface with all staff, as well as students and families on my caseload. Helping students find their “best selves” as they navigate the ups and downs of high school is one of my favorite aspects of the job. If elected to Council, I will bring good listening skills, as well as an informed perspective of how to serve the needs of students, staff, and the greater community.”

Jonathan Gentine
At-large representative.

Serves on Administrative Committee.

Mr. Gentine did not respond to the Broadside’s requests for an interview. His voting record can be found on the Council’s roll call records spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1bVhcte1Wi4QcLwDogzVLB4zvfv3nQnNWKFoaGiWNWmo/edit#gid=0
Amy Good
Staff Representative.

Serves on Administrative Committee.

Why she’s running:I really enjoyed being on Council this year because of the rich discussion we had. I was very impressed by the students and the work they put into trying to improve the school, so I want to continue to support the process. I think we are very lucky to have a governing body like the Council in our school, so I feel it is important to take an active role.”

Goals: At this point, I do not have any specific legislative goals. I am very pleased that the community service motion passed, so I would like to help with the work that is needed to make it happen. I served on the Inclusivity Committee this year, so I would like to continue to work on helping members of the LGTBQ community to feel supported at the school, while also thinking about other groups in the school who feel they lack representation.”

Final Pitch: I was honored to be one of the recipients of the Skip Bean Award this year for the work I did to organize the Common Ground presentation on gender. I think one of my strengths is that I work really hard, so I am a good person to have on a committee.”

Elizabeth Keene
Staff Representative.

Serves on Organization Engineering Committee.

Why she’s running:I have been serving on Council since the start of this semester. I appreciate being part of Hanover High’s democratic process. I feel that it is important to know the current student/school issues. This knowledge serves me well when I am working with new/prospective families, current students, staff, and the wider community. Being a Council member is also a good way to get to know students, especially those outside of my counseling group. Because of my position as a school counselor, I believe I have a good sense of the opinions of HHS from varying perspectives – staff, students, parents, and the broader community and I can bring these opinions to council if necessary/appropriate.”

Goals: I have no specific legislative agenda to address as a member of Council.”

Final Pitch:I am a thoughtful representative of the staff and I listen carefully to the opinions of my Common Ground. I am a good listener and will follow through on tasks and ideas. However, I would like to learn more about and be more comfortable with Roberts Rules of Order and be able to speak up more at Council meetings in the future.”

Matt Prince
At-large representative.

Serves on Student Life Committee.

Mr. Prince did not respond to the Broadside’s requests for an interview. His voting record can be found on the Council’s roll call records spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1bVhcte1Wi4QcLwDogzVLB4zvfv3nQnNWKFoaGiWNWmo/edit#gid=0
Scott Stokoe
Alternate Staff Representative.

Has worked extensively with the Student Life Committee on Ecological Democracy Project.

Why he’s running: Hanover High has the great good fortune to be able to include sustainability into all aspects of its community.  Because of a new construction proposal, Council has the opportunity to help design a new space for its meetings.  It has been proposed that this process attempt a true innovation: to include ecology into its democratic mission, both through the design of its new home and to consider ecological principles in its framing, scope and operations.  As the sustainability curriculum coordinator, I have had the opportunity to both work with the teachers, students and administrators these past two years and to serve as an alternate on Council itself. I am running again for the upcoming year so that I can actively support the design of a sustainable new home for Council at Hanover High.”

Goals: My primary goal is to help Council and the school design and create a truly innovative and advanced setting for school democracy and community.  Secondarily, I would hope to participate in a larger discussion around sustainability and democracy.”

Final Pitch:As the sustainability curriculum staff person, I bring specialized training and background that can be useful in the creative and practical challenges of design and construction of a green space.  I also hope to work closely with teachers and students to optimize the greater curricular opportunities surrounding ecology and governance. My qualifications include a Masters in Education in Educating for Sustainability, decades of “hands-on” experience in working with and teaching about alternative food and energy systems, and I co-designed and built a sustainable home, off-the-grid, that my family and I have been living in for 30 years.”


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