Co-Treasurers Again: Other Leadership Positions Decided

After the Moderator and Assistant Moderator elections, Council proceeded to vote on the other leadership positions. This past year there have been Co-Treasurers as Reps. Colm Seigne and Max Taxman tied exactly in the voting last year. Then, this year, in a stunning twist, Council split votes evenly again in the voting for who would be the next Treasurer. As a result, Council for the second straight will have Co-Treasurers: Rising Junior Rep. Tessa Stewart and Rising Senior Rep. Dory Psomas.

When the result was announced, Seigne and Taxman jumped in joy and were quick to hand down their items. These items included a new form they had made called the club reimbursement form, which was to be filled out by clubs who spent money they didn’t have by asking why why they spent money without permission. However, the main ticket item was a $2 dollar bill which was signed by both Rep. Seigne and Rep. Taxman and was the handed over to the new 2 Co-Treasurers.

In her nomination speech, Rep. Stewart emphasized how she hoped she could help everyone through being Treasurer and was ready to make a full commitment to the position. Rep. Psomas discussed how she is willing to work with students to find out what the school needs and joked that since her Dad is a banker being Treasurer is in her genes. The next position to be announced would be Secretary.

Rising Senior Rep. Iroha Shirai won the election after having a videotaped speech shown. Though she couldn’t attend the meeting, she discussed in her nomination speech how she is organized and responsible and that she has valuable experience in the field as she worked as the secretary for her middle school council.

Another Rising Senior Representative took the next leadership position, Dresden School Board Representative. Rep. Oliver Minshall’s speech seemed to strike just that right chord as his historical anecdotes and promise to write thorough updates in the Broadside, and ensure cohesion between the two critical parts of democracy seemed to appease Council Members, ultimately resulting in him being voted as next year’s DSB Representative, replacing Perrin Milliken. The final leadership position left to be decided was Public Relations Officer.

This position was won by Rising Senior Rep. Leila Trummel. In her nomination speech, Rep. Trummel explained why PR is the position for her. She discussed how it is the newest position on Council, and how Council hasn’t made full use of it yet. Rep. Trummel explained that there has been a disconnect between Council and the Student Body and she wants to lessen the divide and talk to people outside of Council.

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