Advice For The Anonymous: Dating, The SAT, and Concern For a Friend

High school can bring challenging times and hard decisions. Need a place to turn to for advice? Look no further than the Broadside’s new advice column. We take anonymous questions from students and do our best to answer their questions.

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I currently have a crush on somebody else in school, but I don’t talk with or know them much outside of class. I’m thinking about whether or not I should ask them on a date. How can I approach them and ask without being creepy? Should I even be asking them out?

Well, first off, thank you for writing. High school is notorious as a minefield for situations exactly like this and you certainly cannot be alone. Secondly, I’d say that you should probably talk to them more often and in person, as conversation is always better conducted offline. If these conversations are fruitful, perhaps suggest continuing them over a coffee. After several rounds of this, go for it and ask them out to something more intimate (movies and shows are both great options!). Lastly, don’t be afraid to tell someone how you feel. Everyone likes to be liked and admired.


I’m preparing to take the SAT next year, but am not 100% sure how I should get ready for the test. How much time, if any, should I dedicate to SAT prep? Do you recommend any specific strategies?

I would say that the SAT is important as you make it. First, check Naviance and talk to your guidance counselor and people you know that have gotten into that school, and inquire about their scores. Secondly, I would recommend a tutor or Khan Academy as both can be excellent resources. Finally, don’t stress over the SAT! There will be other tests and other chances to take it as well as competitive schools that don’t require the test.


I’m really concerned about a friend of mine. Every time that I have spoken to them over the past three months, they constantly seem to be angry and go on long rants about other people that have become less and less intelligible over time. I’ve thought about speaking to somebody in guidance about my friend, but I’m scared that this might make the situation worse for my friend. What should I do?

Please, for both your sake and your friends, speak to someone at Guidance or another trusted adult. Though it may be difficult for your friendship, your friend will thank you later. Never be afraid to reach out for fear of reprisal.


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