The Case For Keeping the Current Schedule Structure

The current schedule makes sense because having Activity Period between periods 3 and 4 gives us a good chance to eat lunch. Many people wonder why lunch would be so early, and the reason it’s earlier is because many students at Hanover High play sports after school. From experience I’ve learned that eating lunch early makes me able to eat a small snack later in the day right before sports. Also, having a break about halfway through the day gives us a break that we need to get through the rest of our classes.

Having an Activity Period instead of a lunch period opens up time for other opportunities, such as clubs and Student Council. Clubs and council have become core parts of what makes HHS unique and desirable, and to take them away and put a lunch period there instead would destroy these groups. So overall, the current schedule opens up many opportunities for us, and distinguish Hanover High School as a unique entity.

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