Class of 2016 Future Plans

Name Name Detail
Alma Kay Alberghini University of Northern Colorado
Gabrielle A Alexandrescu GAP year
Timothy Christopher Alibozek Norwich University
Brendan Patrick McCashin Amos Northwestern University
Kelly Anderson University of New Hampshire
Ethan Andrews University of St Andrews
Calvin Anthony-DuScheid University of California, Santa Cruz
Hayley Laurel Atwood GAP Year
Sophie Lloyd Augustinowicz Saint Michael’s College
Leia Yumie Barrowes University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Marta Joy Bartholomew Ithaca College
Camille Bergeron Community College
Asa Berolzheimer Colby College
Sarah Emily Bibeau Colby College
Austen Janna Janna Borg Mount Holyoke College
Kyle Brian Bowen Work
Kelly Anne Brigham Connecticut College
Olivia Ruth Bristol Ithaca College
Lilly E Cadow Manhattan School of Music (4yr Music Conservatory)
Emily Rose Calandrella Tufts University
Julie Marie Calandrella University of Vermont
Ian Maclaren Caldwell Westminster College
Sophia S Castaldo Kenyon College
Lane David Celone St. Lawrence University
Evelyn S Chambers Roger Williams University
Camille Chapman Furman University
Justin Y Chen Stanford University
Michael Colin Costello Boston University
Courtney Marie Couture Colby-Sawyer College
Flora Gillian Carole Cullen Dartmouth College
Mackenzie Graham Cutting University of New Hampshire
Hana Dai Dartmouth College
Rajbir Dhamrait University of Maine
Graham Dickson New York University
James Ellis Dinulos Dartmouth College
Destiny M Donahue High Point University
Finley Claire Doyle Yale University
Nathalie Cheng Dragnev Colby College
Patrick Dyroff Columbia University
Connor Edson Lafayette College
Ezekiel Forester Elin Lafayette College
Ian Fall Michigan State University
Meredith Campbell Ferneau University of St Andrews
Ryan Henry H Flanagan University of Vermont
George M Geraghty Saint Anselm College
Claire M Golder Boston University
Grace L Golder Boston University
Tristan Storm Gosselin Nazareth College
Gwynn Granizo-Mackenzie University of Vermont
Kelsey M Hamblen GAP Year
Isabella M Hansen Washington University in St. Louis
Madeline Hartman Northeastern University
Rowland Jack Hazard University of Massachusetts, Boston
Daniel B. Healy Work
Felix Herron Studying/interning in Germany
Serena Jermain Slocum Higgerson College of William and Mary
Olivia Anne Marie Hinch Brown University
Sina Hodge Union College
Louisa Grace Holbrook Alfred University
Sadie Anne Holbrook Alfred University
Peter Huizenga Lewis & Clark College
Kaleb R Hunt Pennsylvania State University
Kevin Robert Hybels Saint Michael’s College
Harry Jacobs Wesleyan University
Nicholas R. Johnson Elon University
Madeline Paola Keep University of Miami
Chan Kim University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Nils Kingston GAP Year
Sarah Barbara Barbara Kohl Johns Hopkins University
Leon Joshua Kuhne Rochester Institute of Technology
Sofia Nicole La Porta Drago Brown University
Isabelle J LaBombard Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Fenner C. Lamm Lindenwood University
Garrett LaRock Bradley University
John Laser St. Lawrence University
Eliza M Laycock Amherst College
Jonah Levine Dartmouth College
Blaise Dominic Linehan GAP Year
Zander Lane Lingelbach-Pierce University of Vermont
Rose X Lippman Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Jane Patricia Lumley Otterbein University
Katherine Madden Gap Year
Gerret Margolis Concordia University – Montreal
Kazune J Matsuoka University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Eric Paul McCoy Berklee College of Music
Jacob Patrick McCoy University of Connecticut
Bevin K. McDevitt Dickinson College
Zoe Ann McElwain GAP Year – University of South Florida
Anna Sofia Merrens Skidmore College
Matthew R Miles GAP Year
Marion Price Bell Miller GAP Year – St. Lawrence University
Julie Montgomery University of New Hampshire
Vincent Lemoine Moore Keene State College (Armed Forces Reserve)
Maxwell Munafo University of Puget Sound
Robert L Murdza University of Maine
Josephine Nett Boston College
Megan Nolan University of New Hampshire
Ann Jin-Young Olsen George Mason University
Miriam Mekdes Osheyack St. Edwards University
Daniel Osofsky Wesleyan University
Michael Griffin Palmgren Wheaton College
Ross M Patten Northwestern University
Jack Pattison St. Lawrence University
Daniel Phan Dartmouth College
Maxwell Jefferson Porter Colorado School of Mines
Dante Povinelli University of New Hampshire
Chantal C Putnam Travel volunteer work
Daniel Randall GAP Year -University of Kansas
Nicholas Rassias Union College
Emma Riccardi University of Vermont
Sophie Richard Smith College
Emma Riessen Ithaca College
Katherine Elizabeth Robertson New York University
Caroline Weston Weston Rodi St. Lawrence University
Cecelia Anne Rooney St. Lawrence University
Hazel Rosenbaum University of Maine
Rishi X Sanyal Lawrence University
Samuel Schwarz St. Lawrence University
Andrea Sedlacek Dartmouth College
Emily P. Shepard Year Off
Leah Shipulski Mount Holyoke College
Glenn Smith Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Lily Grace Stadler GAP Year – Skidmore
Isabella Stein New York University
Audrey Steiner University of Notre Dame
Georgina Marie Stern Parsons School of Design
LilyDahn Stewart Mount Holyoke College
David Stocken Lehigh University
Michael A Suriawinata Dartmouth College
Tenzin Tashi Skidmore College
Alexander E Taylor University of Vermont
Kirsten Tischbein College of the Holy Cross
Jordan D Toland Keene State College
Francesco Trentinaglia University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
Marco Dirk van Gemeren Middlebury College
Owen J Versteeg Delft University of Technology, Netherlands
Addison Richard Wanner The College of Wooster
Katrina E Wheelan Travel – Williams College
Helena Whitcomb Queen’s University
Ebben Phillips Whitehair A little bit of this, a little bit of that
Ella Williams GAP Year – Colorado College
Caleb J Winberry Wentworth Institute of Technology
Emily Wickes Winslow University of Rhode Island
Timothy K Wolfe University of Massachusetts, Amherst

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