Hanover High to Relocate to New, 100% Sustainable Venue

In light of recent discussions regarding the environmental impact and sustainability of HHS, the Dresden Administration has announced their decision to move the school to a 100% off-grid

location, preferably an abandoned farm or field of sorts. As of now, serious consideration is being given to the Dresden Athletic fields in Norwich, the idea being that classes will be held in

an elaborate set-up of tents. The plan to take HHS off the grid comes in the wake of criticism regarding Hanover High’s significant carbon footprint that, alas, diligent composting has failed to

lessen. “The school will have absolutely no negative impact on the surrounding area,” says superintendent Frank Bass, “As an added perk, students will be able to learn in an entirely

distraction free environment.” Extensive research is being done in regards to logistics, and the hope is that the plan will be put into effect starting the ’17-18 school year. In the meantime,

students and staff will have to make do with the greenhouse and cod.

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  1. ford daley says:

    fantastic – and you seem so serious

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