To Be a Captain

aqHanover High School has a great track and field team. Every year the track team sends a handful of individuals to the State Finals in events. Leah Tanny is a first year captain this year. She is in eleventh grade and runs the 100 meter dash, 200 meter dash, 400×100 relay and participates in the triple jump, her best event. She is a captain alongside Finley Doyle, Olivia Hinch, Robbie Murdza, Addison Wanner, and Ben Sobel.

Leah has been participating in track and field since middle school and it is a sport she will never quit. It was in middle school when Leah discovered her love for the event named triple jump or, as it is referred to, the hop, skip, and jump event. With triple jump, the goal is to jump the farthest distance into the sand pit from a certain point. Approaching the sandpit, you must be prepared to leap on the jumpers seventh step going full speed, onto the same foot. After, you jump once more, land on your other foot, then jump again. After the third jump, the jumper will try to travel through the air as fast as they can. Leah had been an outstanding triple jumper since she discovered the event. Leah has become a very noticeable triple jumper throughout her high school triple jump career. Last year, Leah went to the New Hampshire track and field state finals and placed 7th place in the whole state! Indeed, Leah Tanny makes a fantastic captain for the track and field team. Leah is very excited for the season. Leah says, “I think that our team will do better than most years. I am very excited for the upcoming freshman”.

Ben Sobel is another captain for the HHS track and field team this year. Ben Sobel’s strengths in track and field are the high jump, 100 and 200 meter dash, and the 400×100 meter relay. Ben Sobel made it to states for his great placement in the 200 meter dash. Ben is very experienced with track and field as well. Ben has been running track since he was in elementary school. Again, a very experienced captain for the track and field team.

Many students attending HHS are excited to watch the track and field meets that are hosted at HHS. Students can’t wait to cheer on their team in all the events that will take place! Until then, you can find the track and field team practicing after school at the high school.

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