Broadside Council Theater 3000: A Game of Keyboards

Some people have asked what the big deal was last month regarding my complaints about the student Council and my reading of their “secret” documents. All of the relevant issues have been resolved (for the moment) for both parties, which I was very happy with. Since the issue is over and I don’t feel like writing a full article about it, here are the two podcasts I made about it.

As I said, the issue has been resolved and both sides are content, so as long as Council continues to do its job properly then I will be able to focus on more uplifting and relevant articles… like my upcoming personal fitness article coming out the week after break!


Stay tuned! Image

Stay tuned!

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  1. June 14, 2016

    […] The Dark Broadside Returns. I say “dark” because contrary to what many in Council think I don’t enjoy covering controversies, I just happen to be very good at it. The Gender Motion was just introduced, and to me it was like the Condom Motion all over again. A Senior Council member’s pet project to pad their resume. The motion was being passed through the pipes at an alarming pace without the minutes and agendas following that pace in updates. At one point they were a month behind and the Council was getting ready to vote on it! A friend I had inside Council gave me the missing minutes ahead of time, and while on Easter vacation I recorded and released two podcasts shedding light on the issue. After a week or so of a nasty back and forth between my Editorials and some Council members (of which the image to the right is an example of), the minutes and agendas were finally published and maintained on time. The power of the press had again won the day. […]

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