Freshmen Open Campus Motion Passes Council

Wednesday, a few minutes after Activity Period was over, Council finally passed the “Freshmen Open Campus” Motion, with two amendments. The first amendment was to move the Open Campus privileges from Second Semester as first suggested by Neve Monroe-Anderson (the Freshman who brought up the Motion), to Fourth Quarter. The second amendment was to make the Motion work only as a one year trial, requiring the next Council to vote on a new Motion to either renew/extend the privileges or to do away with them altogether.

Moderator Andrea Sedlacek (Class of 2016) proposed to close the meeting as it reached the end of the Break period, but she was met with the strong dissent of many members who wanted to vote on the Motion there and then. Debate was closed and a roll call vote taken, but not before a few members left the meeting to get to class on time. The results of the vote were 19-18 in favor of the Motion, with one  abstention. The Motion had passed Council.

When asked about his thoughts regarding the success of the Motion, Assistant Moderator Isaac Jacobs (2016) said to the Broadside that he is “Interested to see where it goes,”

The Motion now has to go through Mr. Campbell, who told the Broadside that although he has not made up his mind, he anticipates on vetoing it, citing a point Mr. Prince made, declaring that 9th Graders are different than Upperclassmen (but also equal), and with them having so many things going on for them their first year at High School, having a year on campus to situate themselves would do them good.

Special thanks to Council Member Dimitri Somoff (2017) for giving the Broadside a detailed description of the meeting for this article.

A lonely cafe, devoid of Freshmen.

A lonely Cafe, devoid of Freshmen.







Here is a link to the Pre-Council podcast

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