Council Update – April 2015

In recent months, Council members have endured stressful debates on hot-button topics such as cheating, condoms, and Plan M.

Council passed revisions to the HHS Academic Integrity Policy on February 4th. If the school board approves, first-time offenders of the policy can complete Restorative Justice to redeem themselves. Depending on the circumstances of the violation, an offender might not be reported for his/her infraction to colleges if they go through RJ. View here:

Several weeks later, Andrea Sedlacek (RJ Committee Chair) and Kelsey Smith (Moderator) presented the revised AIP to the Dresden School Board on March 24th. The DSB will vote to approve the policy on April 28th.

On March 4th, Council passed the motion “to introduce condoms into the nurses’ office, where they will be available free of charge to students”. As of 4/8/15, the condom motion is still pending Mr. Campbell’s administrative approval.

Council recently made two money allocations from co-curricular funds. One was for $150 to the Women in STEM Club (3/11). The other allocated $300 to the Microfinance Club (4/1 & 4/8).

On April 1st, Council passed Plan M indefinitely. Plan M is the daily schedule we have followed this year, with shortened Wednesday classes to allow for a Council Period from 10:15-11:00. Also, a motion to take down the Obama painting in the pit was failed.

There are very few Council meetings remaining for the 2014-15 school year. If you wish to bring a motion, swing by one of Council’s Executive Meetings at 7:30am on Monday mornings in the office conference room. Email Max Greenwald (A-Mod) at for more information.