A Senior Reflection

Abidjan Walker

By Abidjan Walker

When you graduate, people ask you multiple questions about your past experiences. What was your favorite experience? What would you have changed? Any advice for the future students?
When I first came to HHS, I was excited. I was going to high school and I was ready to start something new. I could craft my schedule and participate in activities that interested me. I found a fantastic learning community here. Upperclassmen were enthusiastic, apt to share with me their favorite teachers and classes. They encouraged me to join different clubs and activities.
I had been elected to Council in eighth grade and was prepared to share the opinions of my classmates. I spent my first year on Council, listening, speaking when I felt it was necessary, and observing the specific process at HHS. As each year passed, I took on new roles and learned more about our school community.  For the last two years at Dresden School Board Rep., I have represented our students to the outside community.
One of my favorite HHS activities was the Swim and Dive team. Five years after the beginning, we had 76 participants. This year was the first year for our Dive team and they did very well. Near the end of our season, we were overjoyed when the Dresden Board approved partial funding for our team. This was critical for our future. I was thankful that there would be school support for our team in the future.
During my time at HHS, I was busy. I connected with teachers and students across the spectrum of the school. I met people who I never would have met, without being involved in certain activities.  My advice for all students, is to get involved, because you can learn a great deal outside of the classroom.
In review, four years, I have not been to a Friday fourth period class. Three years, I learned a second language. Two years, I spent late Tuesday evenings in the library. One year, I stood in the middle of the road.
Each year, I have watched other students move on and take the next step. Now, it is our turn and it is bittersweet. I think about what we shall leave behind: a cloud of white powder, a memento on the wall. I know this last week will fly by, so we have to treasure every moment. Otherwise, we will miss the opportunity.
Hanover High, I will miss you dearly. I thank the teachers and staff who dedicate so much time to our learning. To guidance, I thank you for pointing us in the right direction. To the administration, I thank you for leading this school.
My time at HHS was well spent and I can only hope that further generations of students have a similar experience.

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