Classy Clubs

As the new school year Begins, so do the new clubs and organizations that will occupy our weeks’ activity periods. The most notable of them being the new book club, and the women in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). The book club, which meets on Wednesday in room 203, was pioneered by seniors Dena Schertzer and Katherine Aman, in hopes of raising the number of students who read and give thought to books recreationally (currently a disappointingly low amount) and to share their love of reading and discussing books. “Everyone is welcome whether they are a long time reader or have never picked up a book before” says Dena Schertzer.

The first book on the club’s list is Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse 5 in honor of banned books week. This is a wonderful idea and I have the highest hopes for this club and think it wonderful that Hanover High school finally has a book club.


Around the start of the school year Ms. King was approached by a mother of a HHS student who expressed an interest in mentoring female students pursuing careers in science (as well as technology engineering, and mathematics). So, with assistance of Ms. Patten and Dr. Hair, Ms. King started the Women in STEM club.w The club’s purpose is to connect female students interested in these fields with the professionals in the area as well as giving them a chance to learn more about the steps one must take to pursue such interests. The club meets on Friday in room 233 (the physics room) and will start off by getting an idea about what they should focus on based on the suggestions of those who attend, they current members have expressed an interest in a wide variety of scientific pursuits especially biology and medicine (as well as environmental science, astronomy, computer coding and engineering). Women in STEM has already had two meetings and has enjoyed listening to the speaker, Eszter Pattntyus, A woman with a interesting career in mechanical engineering and is currently a senior VP in maps major markets at tomtom maps. This club offers unique opportunities and promises to be a great source of fun and information to anyone with an interest in science as a career.