Make or Break?

Is this the year your beloved Hanover Marauders Football team makes it to the Championship or will it be another disappointing season for the team and its hometown fans? How will the season play-out with out our college bound superstar quarterback Shawn Cavallero who is now suiting up in blue and white and playing for the New Hampshire Wildcats?

The disappointing 2013 season ended with the experienced Marauders placing 1-8 in the regular season and 0-4 in league games. Even though this 2014 team may not be experienced, they have pride and passion. The Marauders’ offensive line representing unity by sporting freshly cut Mohawks for their first game. It will be hard for Kingswood to get to the new quarterback, Dominic Linehan. They will have to get through Kennedy Marshall (Right Tackle), Ross Martin (Right Guard), Glen Enneper (Center), Ethan Gorman (Left Guard) and Chris Gunderman (Left Tackle). The starting line consists of four seniors and one sophomore. Do they have enough power to stop the opposing team from sacking our versatile junior quarterback?

Football team (kennedy marshall)

Photo courtesy of: Kennedy Marshall

Hanover has a first-week bye, which gives them an extra week to figure out how they are going to cope with the loss of superstar tight end and cornerback Ben Lynch, who has been out with a reported foot injury. The team has been trying to fix this six foot five inch defensive hole with a rookie sensation, five foot eight inch, Ian Fall. On September 12, Hanover played a tough Kingswood Knights football team, lead by coach Chip Skelley. The game ended with a freshmen, Moyes Celaya kicker booting a field goal to win the game in overtime.

The young Marauder team has a bench of young prospects like junior rookie outside linebacker Chan Kim, who put a dent in the Kingswood offense. This years team might be the underdogs, but they have heart and passion, which could bring them to the playoffs. Will this be the season the hometown Hanover Marauders bring home a championship to a school that needs it badly? Don’t count them out, a team with this kind of passion and fan support with fans gathering in the bunches to watch their first game, may take it all the way.