Review of C & A Pizza

menuWhen one steps into C & A Pizza, their nostrils are assaulted by one of the best smells in Hanover: bubbling grease and melting cheese. C & A is something of a secret, the kind everyone knows. Perhaps the empty interior scares people off, perhaps they like overpaying for flavorless crap down the street. Either way, the pizza itself is wonderful. The flavorful sauce is second to the other most distinguishing feature, the Greek napalm of volcanic cheese and oil. When I eat at C & A, I bring a travel size bottle of Dawn and my titanium spork. The Dawn is to wash the glorious grease off my hands when I’m done, the spork to pin the pizza in place.


The Breakdown:

Crust – 5

While I think the crust well serves its purpose of holding up the rest of the pizza, it lacks flavor and falls limp all too often, resulting in my having to develop a unique method of consuming the pizza at optimal temperature.

Sauce – 8

Rich with the flavor of many, many unidentified spices that work together to make a sauce that stands on its own, not needing to hide under cheese and toppings. Evident when eating leftovers.

Cheese – 8

The cheese is where the most shining example of the spectacularly hot pizza is found. As a caustic, stretchy pseudo solid, this cheese is a mother. I burn myself on it every time, and I don’t care.

Toppings – 10

A word from the wise: take a pass on the vegetables this time, since C & A pizza toppings are practically deep-fried by the oil from the cheese. Make sure that you order meat + garlic as the only toppings, since you’ll be disappointed by limp vegetables swimming in a sea of high-fat flavor.

31/40 small total + 5 for extreme heat comes to 36/40. Since I can reduce fractions, 13/20.

If you’re not convinced yet, every item I’ve ever had from C & A exceeded expectations. The Gyros are well made, as are the sandwiches. My co- workers describe C & A as a sandwich place that makes a lot of pizza. The place seems to make most of its money by takeout, since, while only two or three parties in the store at a given time, there is a steady stream of customers coming through the door to grab their orders. Or they’re a front for the mob. Just food for thought. Delicious food.