Navigating NYC

By Jennifer Comi

Navigating NYC. Photo courtesy of Margaret Caldwell
and Matt Prince

Miles of road have stretched before us, hours have been spent listening to music, and many stories have been exchanged: as part of a group of twelve kids, I traveled to New York City to explore and navigate the “concrete jungle.” We had four days to become as familiar with the city as the natives, learn how to ride the subway, hail a cab and view the shows.

                   The first day was long and very fast-paced. Arriving at the Milburn Hotel, we checked in and checked out! We grabbed a quick lunch in Central Park, dining with beautiful blue skies and the skyline of New York before us. While in Central Park, we saw a bear that looked like Jenna from 30 Rock (she was wearing a costume) disappear into a car. Then we saw Tom Hanks, who was filming a new movie, and Sandra Bullock! Paparazzi was everywhere around the closed set. After stargazing and “wowing” with the paparazzi, we visited a gallery and then headed off to a very unique and delicious dinner at an Ethiopian restaurant. After dinner, we were off to the top of the Rock! We all piled into the elevator, and up we went. The skyline of New York City sparkled as we stepped out onto the viewing platform, where we had a bird’s-eye view of the city. After the Rock, we went to Times Square. Lights, lights, lights were all we could see; advertisements for clothing, food and more were everywhere. In some ways, all the colors, people and sounds were overwhelming. After a long day, we returned to the hotel to recharge.
Navigating NYC on Broadway. Photo courtesy of Margaret
Caldwell and Matt Prince.

The next day, the city was filled with rain, so went to the MOMA and the Museum of Natural History. That evening we saw “American Idiot,” the Broadway production about the rock band Green Day. Though we were all tired, we walked back to the hotel singing “21 Guns.”

                   The next day was bittersweet, since we knew it was our last. We took the ferry to see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. I was able to find my grandmother’s name—she traveled on the Titanic and survived! We saw Ground Zero construction and then shopped on Broadway. Dinner was in Chinatown; we feasted on chicken pots, dumplings and noodles galore! Finding a dessert shop was a must, and we found an incredible shop with devilish sweets. Walking through Washington Square Park, we knew the trip was coming to an end.
                   The next morning, as we packed up to go, we all wished we had another day. But at the same time, were glad of the time we’d had. We had become a tight group and shared a lot of laughs and memories. It was an incredible experience, and it did just what I think March Intensive is meant to do: it brought together a group of kids who didn’t necessarily know each other and helped them to become friends. We learned how to navigate a city and took in some incredible culture. We took a week away from school and didn’t lounge around. We learned and explored and expanded our worlds. I had a great time, and I hope this program continues.
Navigating NYC at The Bull in New York. Photo courtesy of
Margaret Caldwell and Matt Prince. 

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