Market Table: The New and Different Alléchante

By Katie Williamson
There’s a new bakery in town, but it’s not one you haven’t seen before. Alléchante’s owner Nicky Barraclough has decided to open up an affiliate of the Norwich store in Hanover under the name Market Table. Located on the corner of Main and Lebanon Street, next to International DVD and Poster, Market Table will be a “restaurant [along] with a prepared foods side and great coffee” starting in late April of this year. This project has been in the works for a while, so when this spot opened up in Hanover about a year ago, Barraclough saw the opportunity and took it. Even with the size being half of the Norwich store, 55 people will be able to sit down inside and another 25 outside in the nicer weather. Customers will be able to sit and enjoy their tasty treats, sip a cup of coffee, or enjoy any of the restaurant’s many offerings for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Barraclough said Market Table will have a very different feel than its Norwich counterpart with an emphasis on the restaurant rather than a bakery. Finally, unlike Norwich, Market Table will be open seven days a week with the luxury of having the joint bakery also in Hanover instead of its previous location in Wilder, VT. 
When asked about the reason for creating this new location, Barraclough was eager to talk about the accessibility and practicality for Dartmouth students and Hanover residents. She was sensitive to the fact that although Norwich and Hanover are less than a mile apart, the average student won’t cross the bridge in order to enjoy Alléchante’s fine foods. With a place in Hanover, there will be more opportunity for local customers to stop by including high school students during free periods. Market Table will also benefit from the increased foot traffic during the busy hours in Hanover during the week. Barraclough didn’t seem concerned with the potential rivals of Lou’s and Umpleby’s commenting that Market Table will offer a different selection of foods and its own style. The menu will have some of the same items as Alléchante, but mainly new dishes to distinguish it from the bakery in Norwich. Market Table’s currently advertising and hiring, so look for news on its opening in the next few months.
For more information, contact Nicky Barraclough at or check out Allechante’s website at

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