Pen of Iron Poetry Winner: “The Doctor” by Andrew Beaubien

There’s a pain in your heart, I know just where to start:
First I’ll cut through your vains, Let your vanity bleed,
Then remove with precision your heart-molded greed.
But that’s not the cure, no not even close.
You’re still poisoned by guilt and on shame overdose.
Yet still, have no fear, your good doctor is here.
With a shot of clear reason, and prescription of rhyme,
You’ll be out of my care in good health and time.
That’s excluding of course, should you wish to address,
Those deep aches of languor and chronic distress.
I could fix you right up! I’ve anesthetics galore.
And if that doesn’t suit you, there’s a knife in my drawer.
Relax, my good man, you must know that I jest.
Now hold still while I X-ray that hole in your chest.

I’m afraid, my boy, that I have some bad news.
Take it in stride, or however you choose.
But there’s far more than pride that you’re destined to lose.
I’ve done all I can,
But for this there’s no cure.
For what fever should ail you
But the throes de l’amour.

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