Muggle’s Create Magic

The hallways were bustling with the celebration of wizardry in mid-October as Hanover High School held a Quidditch Tournament, which was loosely based on the game in the famous Harry Potter book series written by J.K. Rowling. The atmosphere during the games was energetic as the fans cheered for their classmates. HHS students showed support for their respective classes by wearing colors from the different Hogwart’s houses. From the freshman in their yellow and black Hufflepuff garb to the seniors clad in Gryffindor gold and red, every group was excited to participate in playing or watching the matches. Some people even went so far as to wear face paint. It was the juniors, though, who really had a good presentation with every team member decked out in Slytherin green and silver. They even made an entrance, running through a banner to enter the game. One junior, Sam Carey, wore a fake headset and held a clipboard while acting like a coach for the Slytherin team. This gave the impression that they were well prepared for their first match on October 9th.
In the tournament, teams were separated by class, and the matches on October 9th were seniors vs. sophomores and juniors vs. freshmen. The matches were intense with a couple of impressive scoring runs for all classes with the quaffle (a foam soccer ball). Billy Delucia, a senior, had fans from the senior class cheering for him as he dove for the snitch. The Ravenclaw sophomores had a good defense and some beautiful rejections of senior shots, thanks, in part, to Ben Lynch.
The juniors and the seniors each won their respective matches and faced each other on the 16th for the right to go up against the mighty teachers’ team. From the moment the game tipped off, the burning desire to win the game could be felt by both juniors and seniors. Fans wouldn’t let up applauding, as the seniors and juniors dueled for the right to face the teachers. On numerous occasions, Cyrus Rothwell-Ferraris ran the full length of the court with the quaffle and scored in one of the opposing team’s rings. Another leader in scoring was Duncan Piper with his sensational jukes and spins to the rings. The game was close at the start, but, by the end, the seniors were dominating the gym floor with their aggressive playing style. After the decisive victory by the Seniors, the team was champion of the tournament and earned the right to beat the teachers’ team in a match of the brains of the teachers vs. the brawn of the seniors.

Caption For Image: Seniors and Juniors in a battle royal to determine the winner of the HHS Quidditch Tournament.
Photo Credits: Elise Austin-Washburn

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